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Michael and Fi have driven Barry over to Amy's house in the back of the Charger, and he's still maintaining that she's visiting a sick aunt. Except when Michael comes back from the perimeter check he's just finished, he reports that the signs are that she's home. "I bought her that car," Barry says bitterly. Fi tells him to wait in the car. She and Michael go pick the lock on the back gate, and Fi notices they're not the first to have done so. Moments after they're in the yard, out comes none other than Debi Mazar, brandishing a golf club and her scary-ass eyes and telling them they're trespassing. "You must be Amy," Michael says, and the subtitles agree that this is indeed "Amy -- Barry's 'Special Lady.'" She swings the club at Fi, who both ducks the blow and decks her. Anybody here wondering what would be the outcome of an Anwar/Mazar cage match in real life? No, I think we're all pretty certain.

A short time later, Michael is explaining Amy's situation to her while Fi is examining her Range Rover. "You think people running a five million dollar extortion scheme are just going to let you walk away?" Michael asks her. "You're a loose end." In related news, Fi reports that Amy's car is ready to explode "like solid gasoline" the minute any weight is put on it. Amy doesn't believe it, so Fi picks up a brick and, despite Amy's protests, throws it through the driver's side window. Teach you to leave bricks lying around in the yard, Amy. The passenger compartment goes up in flames. Luckily it's one of those small detonations that Fi hates so much, because that fenced-in yard isn't big enough for any of them to get very far away. The sad thing is that a car that's rigged to explode the moment weight is put on it sounds like the perfect vehicle for Fi, as long as she doesn't take any passengers. Way to pass up a free car, Fi. Convinced, Amy spills everything: although she likes Barry, she agreed to screw him over for a hundred thousand dollars from someone whose name she can't remember. "He was some kind of foreign," she explains, adding that she met him at a house in Coconut Grove. "It's time to leave town, Amy," Fi says. Yeah, and it looks like she's going to have to take the bus.

Off to that house in Coconut Grove, presumably. Fi sits guard across the street while Michael and Sam go around the back and make their entry through a window. This is done using a drill, a bit of blue masking tape to keep the glass from shattering while Michael perforates it, and a bent wire hanger to stick through the resultant neat little hole and disengage the lock. Once inside, they get right to work tossing the place. "Searching a pre-furnished house is pretty straightforward," Michael VOs. "Without a lot of furniture or customized safes, there aren't many great hiding places. So once you've checked all the usual slicks, the spots pros would use, you're stuck calling it a day or ripping out the drywall." Since the search has failed to turn up Barry's ledger, they're left flummoxed in the living room, just as Fi notices a silver Jag pulling in out front. She calls Michael on his Bluetooth and tells him to get out. But Michael tells her and Sam, "We leave now, they'll know we were here. Barry's ledger disappears forever." Sam asks what that means, and Michael takes off his sunglasses and Bluetooth, saying, "We owe him, Sam." Sam draws his gun with a resigned sigh, while Fi more and more insistently tells Michael to get out. And she's not going in guns blazing because...?

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Burn Notice




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