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It's not going much better for Michael in the basement. "Work in the field long enough, you recognize hard targets for interrogation. People who shut down at the first hint of confrontation." Even with a bag over their heads, you can recognize this, apparently. Michael removes the pillowcase and gives his prisoner a cigarette and a light. "Best way to get him talking? Avoid confrontation as long as possible." And hope he smokes. Michael opens the conversation by apologizing for earlier and saying they both want the same thing: for this to be over. He says he works for someone very private (and very scary, it goes without saying), who doesn't want their financial records released, and that Barry's already been killed over it. "You understand, Mr...?" "Washington. George Washington," the Slav says. Michael laughs heartily, and tells him that Natalie is going to crack, and then George's usefulness will come to an end. George says he met her three days ago, so she knows nothing about him anyway. Michael makes him an offer: tell him where the ledger is and he can go free. Or not, in which case, "its just a matter of time." Unfortunately, Michael seems to have oversold the "private, scary boss" angle, so George thinks that giving up the goods will get him killed, too. But, he informs Michael, he's got a backup plan: "If I don't show up for the sell, a friend posts it on internet." Okay, but good luck getting anyone to look at it, unless the same friend plans to also spend a week posting a shitload of spam on blog comments and Twitter. He says they each have a gun to the other's head. "Who shoots first?" "I'll get back to you on that one," Michael spits, smacking the cigarette out of George's hand and replacing the head bag. So much for avoiding confrontation. Although I guess it would have been even ruder to put the headbag on while the cigarette was in George's mouth.

Upstairs, Michael finds Sam in the living room, listening to Natalie's crying from down the hall. Michael reports that the man won't crack unless they find out more. Fi wanders in and comments, "Nice place." Sam gets up to begin another shift with Natalie, despite Michel's suggestion that they lay off for a bit. "She's a delicate flower, but lucky for us, I got a green thumb," Sam says. Fi reports to Michael that she tailed the cleaner to a park, and after watching him scope it out for an hour, she's sure that's where the deal is happening. Michael thanks her sincerely for her help, which only irritates her. "You have any idea who would pay Strickler for a job like this?" she wonders. Michael testily points out that he's just taking pictures, not killing anyone. "It's not like anyone ever got blackmailed or killed from just a few pictures, right?" Fi snarks. Indeed, I suspect that the person who will end up being blackmailed will be Michael himself. Someone's going to see these pictures and wonder why a guy who has taken down entire mafias and private armies didn't do anything to stop a small crew of thieves. Fi wonders who Strickler is getting Michael into bed with, like it would be worse than being in bed with Fi, but before he can answer, Sam returns, having apparently been repelled by a solid wall of Natalie's tears. Michael suggests a "softer" approach, and turns to Fi. She correctly assesses that if she's playing the "soft" one, things must be pretty desperate. I'd say she's nailed it.

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