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Fi enters the guest bedroom carrying a tea service for two as Michael VOs, "There's a reason fear often fails as an interrogation technique. Most interrogation subjects are already scared. Scaring them more doesn't help. What they need is a friend." Or, failing that, Fi. Fi introduces herself to Natalie as "Kim" and sits down on the bed to talk to her. She asks Natalie how she got into this, if she's the innocent realtor she claims to be. Natalie tells a little sob story about her circumstances, leading into how she sometimes lets people use places "off the books." That's where George came in, but then he took her money and her passport and drafted her as his chauffeur. "He used me as his own personal real estate agent. And...for other things." Now she has Fi's sympathy, while Fi has a new angle: she suggests they take him down together. Natalie insists she doesn't know anything, but Fi gets her to tell her about a condo near the airport.

That night, Michael and Fi break into that condo and search it with their flashlights and guns pointing around, X-Files-style. They quickly find a safe, tucked into the fireplace behind the grate, which is the worst hiding spot ever. However, Michael observes its location with what sounds like annoyance over more than just a questionable decorating choice. "With its own ventilation system," Fi adds. "Time to go shopping," Michael sighs.

After completing their errand, they return with a lot of what looks like highly specialized equipment. Good thing there's a 24-hour safecracking store nearby. Michael uses a VO to explain the challenge at hand to us viewers: "Used in embassies to store secrets, burn safes depend on an internal ignition device to start a fire. Pump in liquid CO2, and if you do it right, you can turn that ignition device into a popsicle. Do it wrong, you turn everything inside the safe to a pile of ash." But when they get the door open, Michael gingerly working the lever like he expects it to literally blow up in his face, what they find inside is ice instead of fire. Well, that and a bunch of cash, along with a trio of passports. Not Barry's ledger, though, because it's still too early in the episode. The passports belong to Natalie, "George Washington" (who is actually Milovan Drago, which is a little disappointing) and a guy named Bennett Tash. They'll all be so glad their passports weren't incinerated.

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Burn Notice




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