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Between this and that other show I recap, I sure see the last five seconds of a lot of House episodes these days. That's some bad hat, Harry.

Michael's at a boatyard -- the kind with boats out of the water and stacked up on racks four deep -- as he VOs, "If someone calls a meeting in a deserted location, they want control. They can tell if you're alone, and if you try anything, it's easy to take you out with a sniper." I know we're supposed to be impressed with how much Michael's been able to learn about Gilroy from all these meetings, but I'd be more impressed if he'd learned much about him beyond that. "So if someone wants a chat in the middle of nowhere, it never hurts to bring a sniper of your own." Which is why Sam is perched high atop one of the racks, looking through a scope from the stern of one of the boats. Michael notices that Sam's quiet, even though they're both wearing Bluetooths (Blueteeth?). Sam's like, "What do you want me to say? That I'm worried Gilroy got wind that you're double-crossing him? Or that I got a bad feeling about this mystery man that he wants to jailbreak?" See, unlike Fi, Sam is at least aware that all the naysaying and second-guessing that exposition requires of him starts to sound tedious after a while. Michael tells Sam to calm down, but Sam keeps fretting about the kind of people who rate the kind of transport Gilroy's prisoner is getting. "People with forked tongues, Mike. People with hair on their palms." He wants Michael to bail, but we all know how Michael feels about bailing. Sam says something about holding a snake by the tail, Michael corrects that to tiger, and Sam says, "Either way, you let go of it before it eats your face off." Just then Gilroy comes around the corner in a black Range Rover. Sam warns Michael, "If that evil Limey mastermind offers you a ride, you treat him like a stranger with candy." Gilroy rolls down his window, and without getting out, brags about how much his ride cost. "But she's armored like a tank," he adds The subtitles are now calling him "Gilroy -- Evil Limey Mastermind." Gilroy wants to go for a drive, and with Sam warning him in his ear not to get in, Michael grins, "Why not?" "Why am I still surprised?" Sam wonders. Good question.

Some fancy editing brings us across town, where a crappy little "compound" (actually it just looks like a house with a covered picnic area to one side) sits out in the sticks. It's got a Confederate flag in the window and a shooting range out back, as well as armed guys in fatigues patrolling the perimeter with machine guns, so it's clearly not a day care center. You'd think they might invest in a wall or something, though. Gilroy pulls up in front of the house. "Curtain's about to part for our grand finale, but there remains one minor detail to address," he feys. He tells Michael he's looking at the compound of the "Knights of Resistance, a group of right-wing separatists." "White supremacists?" Michael asks. Gilroy potato-potahtos, and tells Michael to buy "an item" from their armory. Michael asks what he's buying, and Gilroy tells him, "It's a Browning .50-caliber machine gun. Happy?" "Thrilled, partner," Michael lies. Gilroy tells him to ask for Duke, hands Michael a metal briefcase, and sends him on his way.

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