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Fi precedes Gabriel out of his house in a little black dress as he briefs her on the plan. None if it is actually going to happen, so I don't need to get into it, except for how he slips her a switchblade. "Silence is golden," he says. Especially when the alternative is a cliché. She snags that lipstick off his tire before they get in his car. So now she has a pair of sunglasses, duct tape, and two lipsticks. Gabriel will suspect nothing.

In the Charger, Sam has a street grid up on his laptop showing Fi's location. Giving Michael directions for following, Sam brings up Gilroy. "At least you don't have to hijack a plane." Michael figures that must be someone else's job, so he needs Sam to hang out at the airport, "with some of your cop buddies." We did know that Gabriel has at least one other person working for him, unless he can operate a hidden sniper rifle by remote control while talking to Michael. By now, Fi's signal has become stationary -- at the same hotel where Gabriel took her to lunch earlier. "Gabriel used the lunch as a scouting trip," Michael realizes. As Michael pulls up and gets out, Sam asks what the next move is to prevent the next kidnapping. "Figuring it out as I go, Sam," Michael says.

"Like con men, spies know that in the workplace, a clipboard is as good as a skeleton key," Michael VOs. Fi sits at her table sipping a martini as Michael charges in furiously waving said clipboard, a hapless hotel employee scampering along behind him. Apparently Michael's posing as a surprise health inspector. Spouting threats, he leads the employee into the kitchen, ranting, "We've been getting more letters than the North Pole ABOUT THIS KITCHEN!" That sudden-yelling thing he does gets less scary if you just think about Austin Powers coming out of hibernation unable to control THE VOLUME OF HIS VOICE! He starts yelling at the chefs to pull lettuce heads and check expiration dates on all the meat. They've already abandoned their stations when the employee says Michael can't make them stop working without the manager present. Michael yells, "WELL THEN YOU SHOULD GO -- you know, go get the manager." Whoa, he switched it up there! A second later, he's got the kitchen to himself. Just now, out front, that guy from Gabriel's surveillance photo enters the restaurant dining room flanked by bodyguards. "Gabriel's Next Target" is how the subtitles identify him, which should tell us all we need to know about how this is going to go. Meanwhile, Michael sniffs a measuring cup, then throws its contents onto a burner, where it flares up nicely. "Restaurant kitchens have grease fires all the time," he VOs. "A little oil on a burner and you can clear out a restaurant without raising too much suspicion or causing too much damage." Or incinerating your girlfriend. Exiting the kitchen, Michael informs the employee and the newly arrived manager, "Hey, you got a grease fire in there," and heads. "Still, it's best not to stick around too long after you've set a kitchen on fire," his VO concludes. Michael walks on past Gabriel's Next Target, who Gabriel watches leave. And now he's Gabriel's Ex-Target.

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Burn Notice




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