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Gilroy Was Here

That plane's already parked on a stretch of road, and Gilroy approaches it from his Range Rover right across the street with a briefcase in hand. A guy comes off the plane and Gilroy hands him the case as he is greeted with a friendly, "Buenos dias, mis amigos." A man in an orange prison jumpsuit accessorized with handcuffs and leg irons is led down the steps of the plan as Gilroy answers his phone with a hearty, "Westen!" "Gilroy, hearing lots of sirens over here, "Michael says. Wouldn't have anything to do with a lost plane, would it?" Gilroy tells Michael that's why they rehearse. So "stop your belly-aching and do your job, or I'll do it for you." I hope the scary-ass prisoner who's now right in front of him doesn't think Gilroy's talking to him. Gilroy removes the burlap bag covering the ex-prisoner's head, but between the camera angle and the backlighting, there's no way to see the man's face. The only thing we can tell for sure is that he's big. "Our guest is so keen to meet you," Gilroy says. "See you soon, Michael." Michael now sees the cop cars coming around the bend on the far side of the bridge, and hits the detonator. So long, bridge. Yes, it's a small bridge, but I'm still kind of impressed that the show actually blew it up. The cops screech to a stop on the far side of the river, and Michael jogs on up the road. Remember not to look back!

When Michael reaches Gilroy's Range Rover, he jumps in, saying. "Gilroy, we need to leave now!" But Gilroy is not himself. Behind the wheel, in a voice full of blood, he gurgles, "They say if you live long enough you'll see everything." Stunned, Michael asks what happened. "Paid me ten million dollars," Gilroy says. "Turns out his plan was to shoot me. Come after you." Michael asks who. "His name is Simon," Gilroy says. "Apparently I'm not his only friend in Miami." I knew it would be somebody familiar. But is it Rick or A..J.? Suddenly we hear a quiet beeping. "Sorry," Gilroy says. "Did I mention I'm attached to an explosive device?" He did not. He's also wearing the prisoner's shackles. Gilroy grabs Michael's wrist and says, "Perhaps you should run along." Ah, to die in character. That beeping accelerates as Michael jumps out of the car. And then it blows the hell up. That armor Gilroy was boasting about so much doesn't seem to do much against an explosion from inside.

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