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Sam and Fi are hanging out in Madeline's house, not that Madeline is anywhere in sight. Apropos of nothing, he tells her, "You know how some people promise never to call the cops on their friends no matter what?" Uh, no. That's one conversation I haven't had with most of my friends. Anyway, his point is, "You and me, we're still up in the air." Fi says Coleman probably just wants a babysitter at a gun deal, and Sam grabs her cell phone out of her hand in mid-text to futz with it. She asks if he's bugging it, and Sam says she and Michael are both on his shit list. "I already watched one of you wander away with a psycho today. I'll be damned if it happens again." Ah, so that's where Madeline is; she's the one in the Sam suit.

Fi parks her SUV across the street from a large hacienda, where Coleman is waiting outside with his envelope of cash and no further information on the gig. As they go to the front door, he says he'll let the boss, Gabriel, fill her in. One thing Coleman does tell Fi is how he made some shit up about their history together, specifically a claim that they worked together in Madrid a few years ago. "Don't worry, it won't come up." "Oh, you gotta be kidding me," Sam says, monitoring this via Bluetooth from his own car, because Fi should, and it will. Coleman asks a plainly annoyed Fi if she wants to change her mind. "Fi, do not go in that house," Sam warns, whether she can hear him or not, but she doesn't listen any better than Michael did earlier. "I really need some new friends," he says. But what about all the ones in law enforcement who share resources with him? Are they just imaginary?

Inside the house, Coleman greets Gabriel, who is just coming down the stairs. It's Carlos Bernard, Tony from 24, wearing a skanky comb-over across his forehead and doing a vague "Latino" accent. I'd speculate that this rules out an appearance from Tony this season, but Clayne Crawford's role a few episodes ago didn't stop him from also being my least favorite character on 24 as well. The subtitles unhelpfully inform us that Gabriel, the boss, is "Gabriel -- The Boss." He smarms at Fiona, leading her into the living room, but not without her noticing that there's a door at the end of one hallway that has a padlock on it. That certainly doesn't attract attention. In the living room, they're still having their first drink when Gabriel brings up the Madrid thing. "For my money," he comments, "there's nothing quite like an evening stroll down La Rambla." Which is so obviously one of those tests that bad guys always do, at this point it's safer for the good guys just to say they don't know what the bad guys are talking about. But of course Fi has to show off by pointing out that La Rambla is in Barcelona. "You sure you need another drink?" she taunts. What Gabriel wants is to see Fi's passport, and right now. Fi says she doesn't have it on her, like most people don't. "Wherever it is," Gabriel says mildly, "it had better be stamped Barajas Airport, Madrid, 2006. Or we're going to find ourselves a very uncomfortable situation." [What if she took the train? Or used an alias? Or entered illegally? - Zach] As the very large goons in the background somehow become more conspicuous, Michael VOs, "Operate in the field long enough, and you'll find yourself getting tested by very dangerous people." Gabriel wants to know where the passport is now. Fi readily tells them they can find it in her bedroom dresser, in a false bottom in the third drawer, under the alias Kelly Minch. She tosses her keys to the nearest goon, and to her credit, it's not until then that she cuts a dirty look at Coleman. Sucks to be the one whose sidekick's impetuosity and short-sightedness gets you into trouble, isn't it, Fi?

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