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Later, Michael comes over to Fi's place to find her and Sam already there, looking over a newspaper clipping. He asks what's going on, and Sam disavows any involvement. "She gets an idea in that little Irish skull of hers and that's the end of it." Well, there's plenty of room for it to spread out. Fi says she's going back in, and Michael says ten grand isn't worth it. Fi would normally agree, except for how Sam showed her that newspaper clipping that reports how a scientist named Alan King was kidnapped right after Gabriel arrived in town. "Okay, so maybe I had a little something to do with it," Sam admits. Michael tells Fi to call the cops then, but she isn't about to do that, even though Gabriel didn't say what the job is. "So you're meeting with a paranoid thug with no idea what he's up to," Michael says. "Yeah, that sound's like a great way to get yourself killed." Fi asks if they're talking about Gabriel or Gilroy, which is a good point. She shows Michael a photo of the missing man's wife and daughter and tells him, "The caption says, 'Please give me my daddy back,'" " Fi says, because apparently she thinks everything in the paper is directed at her personally. "I'm not letting her grow up without a father if I can save him by going to a meeting." Right, because that's all she'll be doing. More specifically, she wants to search the room in Gabriel's house with the padlock in the door. "I don't need your permission," she adds. Just his help. Michael warns that Gabriel will test her again, and they might not be able to save her next time. Which, as we'll see, is actually true. She just asks for ten minutes alone in the house. I think everyone needs to have more faith in Fi's natural ability to clear a room.

Back at Gabriel's, Fi submits to a rather intimate pat-down and the removal of her fanny pack before she gets to sit down with Gabriel again. She wants to find out about the job, but he's got another test for her first: he ejects the clip from a Beretta nine-millimeter and slides it across the table to her. "Beretta nine-millimeter," she says, which is how I identified it just now. For the most part, all guns look alike to me within the most general categories (revolver, automatic, shotgun, machine gun, BFG, etc.), and the only individual names I know come from playing Goldeneye on Nintendo 64. Gabriel tells her to break it down and reassemble it within a minute. "I'm sorry," she says, "You want me to do this with my eyes open or closed?" She gets to work on it as he says, "You can tell a lot about a person by the way they take a pistol apart." That's true. Take me, for instance. I would have shot myself in the nards by now. In the middle of it, the goon in the room comes at Fiona with a knife, which she quickly takes from him before thumping him on the head with the handle. "You don't scare easy," Gabriel observes, impressed. The disassembly completed, Fi quickly gets the gun back in one piece. "Not bad," Gabriel says. He doesn't even deduct points for leaving out the magazine. Which is still in his possession, but even so.

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