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Gabriel comes back into the house and sees Fi on her feet instead of where he left her. "Ladies room," she claims lamely. In a house full of guys? Doubtful. Here's hoping she at least found time to put a seat down. Not fooled at all, he decides they should take a ride. She agrees, and as she turns to pick up her bag, she undoes a button on her blouse with her back turned. Sam gets back in the car with Michael, and they see Fi come out with two buttons undone and Gabriel behind her. "She's in trouble," Michael says. This is not a terribly clear signal they've arranged; the three buttons at the neck of Fi's "blouse" all fit inside an inch of space. You'd think Michael wouldn't be hard up enough to want an excuse to stare at his girlfriend's boobs through his binoculars. The two of them get into Gabriel's Audi with the dealer plates still on it. He drives out of there like the proverbial bat, blowing a stop sign and everything. "If he's driving like that, we can't follow him," Sam obviouses. What about just calling the cops, then, and getting Gabriel busted for speeding? I guess involving the Miami-Dade PD is something they only do when it's on their Outlook calendars. Fortunately, Sam knows a back way parallel to Gabriel's route. Michael leaves tracks in the grass getting to it.

Speeding along the road, Gabriel asks Fi if his house is too warm, since he noticed her buttons. She flirts, "Since you're looking, you want me to undo another?" Yes, by all means, let's see another few millimeters of the t-shirt she's wearing underneath it. Hubba hubba. Gabriel just punches the throttle and starts telling her his story. It seems he was a doctor in Argentina. "One day, an American company came to my little town to build computer chips," he says. Then people started getting sick. The adults tended to recover, but the children weren't so lucky. Maybe some of them had to ride in a car with Gabriel, whose speedometer is now pushing eighty. Gabriel says he did his best, "But what can you do when a company is dumping chemical waste into the water table? What can you do?" How about keeping your eyes on the road, Dr. House? Especially at 95 MPH? He takes out a gun -- even now, I'm not positive it's the same Beretta nine-millimeter from before -- and puts it on his lap while he drives. Finally he pulls off the road and comes to a stop on the grass next to a bridge that passes over a river. Before they get out is where he tells Fi about his late daughter, Eva. "Yes, I saw the pictures in the desk drawer inside your locked office," Fi doesn't say. Apparently Gabriel couldn't save her, either. Well, now we know Gabriel's motivation, but we don't know how he's financing all this, with the big house and the expensive car and the envelopes of cash and the Interpol files and the hired behemoths. Let's just assume he passed the hat around his disease-stricken Argentinean village and leave it at that. Time to get out of the car anyway. He walks her all the way over to under the bridge and raises his gun. "If I can't trust you, I cannot work with you," he says. Well, after all the hoops Fi has jumped through for him, that's starting to look more and more like his problem.

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Burn Notice




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