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Michael and Sam's back road has taken them to a small marina, about a half-mile from that bridge. The view is distant but unobstructed, and Michael can see Fi and Gabriel through his binoculars. And Gabriel's gun. "Damn," he says, darting back toward the car. Sam grabs his arm and tells him to be cool. But Michael pulls out his own gun and raises it, which Sam says is futile at this range. "She's better off handling this on her own. It's like you said, she knew what she was getting into." Finally, Sam makes his move to get rid of Fi. What's taken him so long? As Michael gives up on the idea of intervening, he VOs, "The hardest thing to do when an operation goes bad is nothing at all. It's pure torture. But if it's the only way to give a team member a chance at survival, you have no choice but to stand by and watch." Gabriel tells Fi he's sorry and raises the gun to her face. "Bread pudding," she non sequiturs. "My first thought when Claire died," she explains. She tells Gabriel that they'd had a terrible fight after Fi had spilled cranberry juice on Claire's sweater. Couldn't the writers have thought of anything girlier? Getting weepy -- or pretending to -- Fi says she made Claire's favorite dessert to apologize. It was a disaster, but then Claire got killed. "My little sister died angry at me." She empathizes with him about the people who killed his daughter. "I felt the same way about the men who kept Claire from trying my awful dessert. I never told anyone that before." Gabriel totally buys this whole story and lowers the gun. In turn, Michael lowers the binoculars. See? He was right. Fi was tested again, and he wasn't able to save her this time. But she was, alas.

Gabriel has been so convinced by Fi's little tale that now he's taking her out to lunch. Be sure and try the bread pudding. He says he trained with Colombian rebels for two years after his daughter died. It was a knowledge exchange -- field medicine for combat and survival training. Fi says she knows Gabriel kidnapped someone. "It was in the paper, I can do the math," she explains, because it's not like she's going undercover as a moron. Gabriel says Alan King is a scientist working for Apex Industries, and he told that company to shut down their factory in Argentina if they want King back. "The deadline's in five hours," he explains. He admits they're not negotiating this time (probably because Alan King is actually a comedian who's been dead since 2004), but he thinks they will next time. He gives Fi an envelope containing a surveillance photo of Apex's head counsel. "Always travels with security, but like all of us, he has a weakness. He's going to meet an escort tonight." Fi figures that's where she comes in. "Negotiators tend to be a little more flexible when they're the hostage," Gabriel reveals. The Colombian rebels must have taught him that. Fi asks what happens to Alan King, and reminds Gabriel that King has a daughter. Uh, yeah, so did Gabriel. Rather than pointing that out, Gabriel lectures, "Sometimes to do something good, we must first do something terrible." Fi looks around and sees a cell phone poking out of another diner's purse, and a server approaching with a tray holding a teapot and a cup. "Anyone with a little tradecraft knows spilling a drink on yourself is a common excuse to leave a table," Michael VOs. "So to convince a pro it's truly an accident, then, you have to sell it with more than iced tea." Fi engineers the spilling of the water on herself, and reacts like it's lukewarm. Which I'm sure it was, but maybe a little acting would be called for in this situation. As it is, she looks more annoyed than hurt. As she leaves the table, careful to hold her napkin to her chest, Gabriel signals to one of his goons to follow Fi. That way his back is turned when Fi snags that cell phone. But how is she going to put it back?

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Burn Notice




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