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After some previouslies reminding us that Jesse is on the warpath after learning that Michael burned him, Michael sits moping in Jesse's abandoned apartment in Madeline's garage. Fi's just finished checking the perimeter, and Madeline is back in town since Michael called her on her way to Tampa. Michael, looking a little shell-shocked, says the plan doesn't change: they still need to grab Barrett and grill him. What could be easier, besides everything? Fi reminds Michael that Jesse might be a priority, what with him wanting to shoot Michael and all, but Michael back-burners that issue since there's nothing they can do about it anyway. Except that Madeline's going to stick around to try to talk Jesse down. Michael and Fi head out to meet Sam.

Sam leads them to the fence outside a mansion crawling with armed guards, Barrett's digs for this Miami visit. Of course all these high-security compounds are always surrounded by a thick layer of jungle growth to provide plenty of hiding places for the people who are always about to burst in. Sam and Fi will be covering Michael while he goes in, VOing about the Native American practice of "counting coup" and how it's similar to infiltrating someone's security. Which he does by entering the perimeter, blinding a guard with a flashgun, disarming him, sitting on him, and grabbing his walkie-talkie to announce his presence and his wish to talk to Barrett

Inside the house, a guard hands a walkie-talkie to "John Barrett -- International Power Player" so he and Michael can banter for a bit. Michael says he wants to be taken seriously, and Barrett's taking him seriously enough that he's got ten guys pointing their weapons at him. Stellar plan, Michael. Michael sets a meeting for Tuesday about the Bible, and in return, he just wants to talk about their future together. "You could really use some new staff," he snarks. Always a good idea to make fun of ten people aiming guns at you.

Next day, after the credits, Michael is updating "Vaughn -- Michael's 'Partner.'" Vaughn's impressed with Michael's progress, but is a little worried about Jesse, and very determined that Barrett's not going to get away after all the work they've done to put a stop to his evil activities. "Understood," says Michael, rather than, "don't you mean all the work I've done?"

Back at the Carlito, Michael is telling Fi and Sam that he has no intention of handing Barrett over to Vaughn, but rather using him as a bargaining chip to get Jesse back in. Yeah, that'll be great. It's not like Barrett's a fugitive from justice or the subject of a multistate manhunt or anything. What does Michael plan to do, call Lane and Harris and tell them, "Here, this powerful multinational CEO is a really bad guy, trust us and the psychopath named Simon who really committed all the crimes I'm accused of. Can Jesse have his job back now?" Just then a young guy in a suit walks up, tosses an envelope of cash onto the table, and tells Michael that Adam Scott wants to talk to him. Sam exposits that Scott is a high-powered defense attorney here in town. Michael tries to beg off, but the news that Scott's five-year-old daughter has been kidnapped -- combined with Fi's expectant look at Michael -- changes his mind in a hurry.

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Burn Notice




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