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We catch up to Michael in the library of Danny Pino from Cold Case, who's looking kind of scruffy as he tells Michael that one of his clients' brothers took the kid and threatened to kill her if he loses the case. Which Scott says he will, no matter what. After going back and forth, Michael tells Scott to set up a meeting with the kidnapper. "You'll help me then?" Scott says hopefully. "No, I'll help her," Michael says, looking down at the framed photo in his hand of Scott and his daughter, "Becky -- The Client." Bad move, Michael -- Becky is not

going to be able to pay you nearly as much.

Michael and Scott meet the kidnapper, played by Michael Rooker, who shows Scott a cell phone photo of his daughter and says they might both lose someone. "I'm just a devoted family man like yourself," says "Dale Lawson -- Devoted Family Man." They're about to start arguing, but Michael interjects, introducing himself as Joseph and telling Dale that he doesn't need a layer to get his brother out of jail: "You need a miracle worker. That's what I am." Dale asks for more info, but all Michael gives him is a scrap of paper with "Joseph"'s phone number. He and Scott walk out, and Michael explains to Scott that the idea is to make Dale curious about him, which will make Dale put a tail on Michael, a tail Michael can then backtrace to Scott's daughter. Scott isn't too confident, but Michael says they should part ways because they're probably already being watched. Which may or may not be true, but Michael clearly doesn't want to spend any more time coddling this guy right now.

To catch his tail, Michael does -- and VOs about -- a tactic called "running errands," which means going to a lot of different places and making a lot of stops while your team tracks the cars at every stop. Sure enough, Sam and Fi make a black Audi. Sam calls Michael, who decides to ditch the tail by taking the bus home. Meanwhile, Sam and Fi tail the tail back to a nightclub. And it's up to Fi to distract the parking lot security guy outside. Which she does, except that he's completely immune to her alleged charms. Worse, Sam is kind of making a racket putting tracking devices under all the cars in the parking lot. Fi has to resort to stomping on the poor security guy's foot to keep him from looking around the corner in Sam's direction. The mission barely accomplished, the two of them walk off sniping at each other, but are quickly distracted by someone watching them from the corner: It's Jesse, who pouts, gets in his car, and drives away, even as Fi tries to call out to him. So that's two dudes blowing off Fi in as many minutes. Now we're talking.

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Burn Notice




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