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Michael and Sam go back to Scott and yell at him for blabbing. Fortunately, as always, they have a plan B: make Dale think his brother is free long enough to trick him into releasing Becky. They'll take their shot during the brother's prisoner transfer. All they need from Scott is a lot of money and some backup from his criminal buddies. I'd hate to think how Michael would handle this if the client was just some broke dude with no friends.

Fi and Madeline are waiting around for Jesse at his motel when he shows up behind them, wondering what they want. Madeline gets all angry-mom on him, and offers, "If you don't like what she has to say, shoot her." Sounds good to me. Jesse takes them up on it. Fi tells Jesse that his burning was an accident, and they lied to Jesse for his own protection. They really need to stop selling him that line; they lied to him to keep him from killing Michael. Surely Jesse would understand that. Fi goes on to say that now they need Jesse's help getting Barrett. Jesse's all in a high dudgeon of righteous indignation, so Fi tells Jesse that she originally fell in love with not Michael but his cover ID, and Sam used to snitch on Michael to the FBI. "We've all forgiven each other," she says. Except for her and Sam, who still hate each other. But Jesse's not ready to grow up. Fi tells Jesse where to find Michael later, and walks off, leaving Jesse alone with Madeline. Who tells Jesse that this little snit of his is beneath him. "If you're gonna kill my son, just do me a favor and wait a couple days, because he's trying to save a little girl's life." Oh, sure, the old "trying to save a little girl's life" card. That one never wears out.

A guy with a neck tattoo, who was sent over by Scott, presents himself to Michael and Sam. He'll be the one driving the van he just arrived in, while wearing a prison guard's uniform. "Not to state the obvious, Mike," Sam remarks to Michael, "but if Jesse were here we wouldn't have to work with a guy with a neck tattoo." Sam and Michael get to work dummying up the van to look like a prison van to go with the fake prison guard. "Now we just need a fake prisoner," Sam says to Michael. "Fi's' working on it," Michael says.

Fi drives over to that same nightclub and backs into one of the cars. When the guard comes over, Fi pops out with a gun on her and makes him get in the trunk. As if stomping on his foot wasn't bad enough, and it's going to get worse for him. Because over at the loft, they've got him bound, gagged, bald, wearing a prison jumpsuit, and covered with fake blood. And then sedated. The last of which is probably the best thing that happens to him all episode.

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Burn Notice




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