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Cut to Michael and Dale watching Dale's real brother getting loaded into a real prison van. Michael doesn't give Dale many details about how this is going to go down, preferring to insist the girl gets delivered to the meeting spot. They follow along with the van on the next street over. Meanwhile, the fake prison guard activates one of those traffic control devices that messes with stoplights. And while Michael and Dale are out of sight of the real prison van, which is stopped at a red light, the fake one pulls into traffic and takes its place. Nice timing on the neck-tattoo guy, there. After they catch up with the fake van, Michael pulls the car over to watch from a distance while he VOs about spies and magicians using the some of the same illusionist techniques. It's all very interesting, but what you need to know is that while parked on a cross street in an SUV with Sam, Fi activates a remote detonator under the fake van, making it roll over. Then he and Fi rush to the van with guns, "force" the "guard" out, and "make" him release Dale's "brother." Dale watches them drive off, and hearing the sirens, Michael says it's time to go.

They all go to an abandoned construction site, and Dale makes a call telling someone to "bring her on in." A car drives onto the site, and out get a couple of goons and Becky. Michael goes to scoop her up while Sam and Fi toss the keys to the SUV on the ground for Dale. Michael keeps on walking with Becky, asking her if she likes fireworks and telling her to close her eyes. "They're gonna get real loud." So closing her eyes will help. Sure enough, Dale kicks off the pyrotechnics by sending up a howl of fury upon finding his non-brother in the truck. Sam and Fi, who positioned themselves behind Dale's goons rather then actually leaving, club them to the ground from behind and exchange a little gunfire with Dale before getting away clean.

Michael returns Becky to Scott, and warns him that this isn't over. Scott says that Becky has a flight out of the country to take to get to her mom, and Scott has plans to deal with Dale, although he doesn't get into detail. He's about to write Michael a check, but Michael says he'll just keep the submersible and Scott can cover the cost of that. Scott's fine with that, but he's a little curious about what Michael wants it for. "That's my business," Michael says. Yeah, and the submersible worked out so great the first time.

Michael's sitting up late at a diner waiting for Jesse, who finally comes in and sits down. "Sorry I'm late," Jesse says matter-of-factly. "I've was sitting in my car for the last ten minutes with your head in the crosshairs of my rifle." "And?" Michael says. "Still thinking," Jesse says. Although he doesn't seem to be holding a rifle any more. Michael skips the apologies and says they need Jesse to get Barrett. And maybe get Jesse his old job back in at the same time. Jesse talks all woundedly about trust and friends, and Michael says he is Jesse's friend and always will be. "I'm here because this is your investigation too." He adds that Barrett expects Jesse there, and Michael needs him too. Jesse tells him to go ahead and have his meeting, but makes no promises.

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Burn Notice




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