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Michael returns to the loft to report that Jesse isn't going to shoot him, yet, but he's not up for the Barrett meeting. Sam goes over the plan, which is a little weak because they're shorthanded. Michael insists it's this, "or we give up and go home." And if that never happens at the beginning of the episode, it's not about to happen this late on.

While Michael waits on a small, barren island, with the accursed submersible anchored nearby and Fi and Sam setting up to cover him in a sniper nest a mere ten miles away or so, Michael VOs about the important balance between resources and secrecy. "You can only bring as much manpower and equipment as you can conceal." And it's not like he can marshal more than Sam and Fi anyway. Here comes Barrett's motorcade of Escalades across the one bridge to the island, and Michael VOs, "If the circumstances don't offer much cover, an extraction can get very risky, and very, very lonely." Especially when you have to wait through another bunch of ads before it even goes down.

After the break, Barrett's SUV is the only one that actually approaches Michael. He and two goons get out with him to meet Michael, who's standing there holding Simon's Bible. Barrett reaches for it, but Michael says he's looking for work. "And when I say work," Michael clarifies, :I'm not talking about joining the black t-shirts and sunglasses squad -- no offense." Barrett agrees that he could use someone like Michael, and Michael hands him the Bible. Barrett hands it off to a goon, who squats down with some kind of code key in a briefcase that Barrett brought along and verifies that the Bible is the real deal. Michael asks Barrett about the Bible. Barrett explains that the people who burned Michael and Simon are in place all over, in every walk of life. "And if you know who they are, you can see the possibilities." In other words, he plans to use the Bible to wipe out Vaughn's organization. He goes on to say that Simon compiled the list to cover his ass, encrypted it for security, and needed Barrett to use it if necessary. Just then Barrett gets a cell phone call. "Where? How many?" he asks. That doesn't sound good. Indeed, Barrett is pissed at Michael for trying to screw him over. Did Fi and Sam get spotted? No, here comes a whole new motorcade. Must be Vaughn's men. I guess Vaughn didn't get the message to stay clear. They jump out and start exchanging gunfire on the bridge with Barrett's private army. Barrett orders the two goons with him to take Michael, while Sam and Fi watch helplessly from their distant perch. Great backup, there, guys. But no sooner does one of Barrett's goons have his arm around Michael's throat from behind than a stray bullet pierces Michael's shoulder, proceeding on through the goon's heart. The man drops, apparently dead, and Michael sinks to his knees as well.

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Burn Notice




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