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Michael VOs about the surprising frequency with which local cops work with intelligence agencies; hence the "fusion center" in most police stations where they keep classified intel. First I've heard of any such thing, which makes me wonder if they just made it up for Michael to break into. After, of course, the obligatory scene where Sam drives him up to the building in the Charger in the middle of the day and tries to talk him out of it. Michael reminds us that they're looking for any monitored communication the cops might have collected on Justin Walsh, the cryptographer who killed a guy and made off with Simon's Bible and encoded NOC list a few days ago. Michael's cover: some neighborhood watch guy. Sam reminds him to take it easy with his "tender" gunshot wound, and Michael reacts like Sam poked it physically.

Inside, Michael gets past the lobby and gets on the elevator, where he blows off the guy he was supposed to meet and lets the doors close between them. Thus does Michael proceed to the floor where the fusion center is. He picks the lock with a pair of modified cheap sunglasses and walks right in, plugging a flash drive into an open terminal just long enough to download everything that comes up under "Justin Walsh." Meanwhile, the cops are getting suspicious and ordering a lockdown. So Michael smashes a third-floor window from inside, puts on a handy cop windbreaker so he can pretend to be some higher-ranking officer, and tells the rookie that comes rushing in that the intruder just jumped and she needs to call everyone outside. She does, and Michael exits the building, barking orders all the way back to the Charger. "I ever tell you you're the reason I drink, Mikey?" Sam asks him. Come on, even Michael doesn't have that much power.

Over at Madeline's house, Michael and Jesse are going over the printouts as Michael VOs, "There's nothing more difficult to repair in the field than trust." Jesse complains about not knowing about Michael's little gag in advance, since they're still partners, and Michael points out that Jesse just found something and didn't tell him. Jesse admits that Walsh has been sending coded e-mails all over the world looking for the highest bidder for the list. They need resources to find the auction, but Jesse doesn't like the Michael's idea of contacting his old handler Marv, let alone blackmailing him. So Michael's suggests using Sam instead. Madeline comes in, complaining about Michael's plans to move back to his loft while his shoulder's still "leaking." Okay, gross. She reminds Michael he was shot. "But thanks to Jesse, just in the right spot," Michael says loudly. Awkward pause. Madeline offers to let them work it out over some margaritas she'll make for them, but Jesse's off to help Fi with a job. Michael's hurt that this is the first he's heard of it, but Jesse says, "Maybe she wanted you to get your rest," and pats him on the shoulder, which hurts him in a different way. Michael manages a brave smile for Madeline, though. I don't know what Jesse's feeling right now, but I know how pissed I'd have to be to turn down free margaritas.

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Burn Notice




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