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Bad Bromance

Natalie's dialing her cell phone when Michael walks up behind her with his gun leveled, saying, "Move and I kill you." She wonders which of the canisters is real, but Michael isn't about to answer that. Too bad for him her buyers just showed up. There are five of them, and they're packing, and Natalie would very much like them to shoot Michael. Thinking quickly, Michael points his gun at the canister -- the fake one. Fi wants to go in, but Sam stops her. Still pointing his gun at the fake canister, Michael gives a whole "to the pain" speech about the effects the gas will have on them. Natalie says he's bluffing, but he pulls the trigger. Of course he was bluffing, but not in they way they thought. Nasty gas starts leaching out and everyone runs -- except Michael, who grabs the real thing. Sam and Fi nab Natalie on her way out. She's still thinking she's going to die (of smeared eye makeup, I guess) until they let her in on the good news. Then they handcuff her to a boat, drop the canister in her bag, and tell her to call the Feds, who are probably going to be her only chance for surviving all the bad people she's pissed off. Sam hands her a phone to call 911. Fi adds, "Clean yourself up before they get here. You look like hell."

Marv and Jesse have another meeting at the marina, and this time Marv's got a duffel bag full of cash and some dire warnings. "Can you trust Michael Westen?" Marv asks him. Jesse gets evasive, but Marv lets it go. Jesse thanks him and sticks the cash in the trunk just before he gets a call from Fi asking him to lunch at the Carlito. Jesse agrees to some fish tacos, which is some pretty awkward flirting, of you ask me.

But when he shows up, there's not only Fi, but Madeline and Michael as well, like this is some kind of intervention only with too many exits. Jesse comes in, Fi leaves, and Jesse starts to say, "Maddie, this is really ni--" "Shut it!" she barks, shocking even Michael. "And sit down." She tells them, "If you two don't start trusting each other again, somebody's going to end up dead." She reminds Jesse that Michael ruined his life and got him fired. "He was trying to do a good thing, so get over it." To Michael, she says ,"Jesse shot you in the chest .He was trying to save your life. Deal with it." She tells them to gut it out, suck it up, and move on. "If you two are good, shake on it. If you're not, too bad, shake anyway,." They shake, more out of fear than anything else. So that's resolved. After she leaves, the subject moves on to Marv, and the money he gave him that Barry needs to put into an escrow account. Michael invites him to stay for lunch and some planning. "We have an auction to crash, Jesse." They actually smile at each other. Sam's going to be so jealous.

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Burn Notice




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