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Burn Without Notice

Later, Sam gives Michael the address for the meeting Felix wants: "It's an alley." Michael figures it for an ambush. "You won yourself a beer, Mikey," Sam says, sliding a bottle toward Michael. Sam says this fits with what he's learned about Felix's usual MO. "Basically, car pulls in, bad guys box him in, hose him down with lead." "This I can work with," Michael says, finally touching the beer he won -- only to slide it back to Sam, who asks, "Can I work with that?" Of course he can. Michael isn't any more likely to accept beer than he is money.

Back to the courtyard, and some more vehicle modification. As Sam and Michael open up the back of a green Kia station wagon to reveal stacks of phone books, Michael VOs, "There are a couple of ways to make a vehicle bullet-resistant. $60,000 worth of titanium siding will do the job. Or you can pick up a couple extra copies of the yellow pages from your local phone company." Obviously Michael's going the budget route. He continues, "Most non-armor-piercing bullets will only penetrate a phone book to a depth of an inch or two. Behind a layer of steel, it's more like a quarter of an inch." Which is why Michael and Sam are ripping the books in half before stuffing them into the door, side, and hatch panels. What about the tires? Well, that's what cans of Fix-a-Flat are for. Unfortunately, there's not a cheap way to do the windows: "Dual-layer, high-density Plexiglas is your best bet. It's expensive, but bulletproof glass is not the sort of thing you skimp on." Michael doesn't explain where he got it or how he's making it fit the car so perfectly, but it's in, so let's move on.

Later, Michael and Fi are in uniform at a restaurant table with Tony, who's impressed with Michael's work, and is ready to go check out his operation. So Michael, Fi, Tony, and Tony's bodyguard head out in the bullet-hardened Kia. "I figured you for a nicer ride," Tony remarks from the back seat. Michael says they don't like to go to work in anything flashy. Unless they've just stolen it, I assume. "We can't afford to attract attention," adds Fi, in her attention-attracting suit. Tony approves, and Michael asks about Felix. "If this checks out, I'll take care of Felix," Tony promises. While he's at it, I wish he'd take care of another Felix, 24 hours from now and a few slots up the dial.

As the car proceeds down the road, Michael VOs about all the wars that have been fought over misunderstandings and mistakes that can "turn people against each other forever. Of course, it's not so tragic when you're the one creating the misunderstanding." With that, Felix and his crew in a 60's-era corvette pull in behind the Kia -- which they recognize as Corey's car -- following them all the way to the rendezvous alley. Michael is just telling Tony that this alley is next to the warehouse where they operate. Fi suddenly turns and "notices" Felix's car blocking the alley's exit behind them. Michael pretends to be annoyed and curious about why Felix is there, until Felix and his crew hop out and start spraying bullets. "Get down!" Fi yells, and everyone ducks behind the seats. Michael throws the car in reverse and screeches out of the alley, leaving Felix and his goons behind. Way to bring one car to a roadblock, Felix.

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Burn Notice




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