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Burn Without Notice

Later, at the loft, Michael is concentrating on playing back the footage on his laptop while Fi sits across the counter, bored and annoyed at being ignored, as though there's any other reasonable response to Fi. She resorts to reading the contents of her fortune cookie out loud: "The one you love is closer than you think." She pretends that Michael's reads "The one who burned you is closer than you think," and actually gets a little attention from him for about five seconds. He's probably just wondering how a fortune got into his yogurt in the first place. She gives him some more shit about being Carla's piss-boy, and he reminds her, because she is slow, that that's exactly what he's trying to fix. "The guy who blew me up? She hates him, so I would like to meet him." Right on cue, Michael has found a clip of a guy who passed the camera twice on the day of the bombing, and plays it back for Fi. She notes the guy's collapsible ladder and city worker uniform. "Meet the man who tried to kill me," Michael says, zooming in on his face. Well, Michael blew up the picture, so does that mean they're even?

After the credits, during lunch at Carlito's, Michael is showing some screen-grab printouts of the bomber to Sam, who isn't impressed with his long-haired everyman appearance. I was kind of hoping for at least a recognizable actor, but apparently the show blew its guest-star budget for the week on Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones. Michael says Fi is checking it out. That'll learn her to complain about Michael's projects. Sam gives Michael some good news: he's getting them third-row, 50-yard line tickets to a Dolphins game, and is disappointed that Michael doesn't seem thrilled. "Come on, Mikey, when was the last time you did something regular people do?" Michael is wondering exactly how they're getting these tickets, and Sam admits that they'll need to do a little favor for an ex-Dolphin buddy of his. "And there it is," Michael grumps. Sam figures they can wrap it up in a day, because that's how it always works out on this show.

Off to a high-school football field, where the team is in mid-practice. Michael has already met Sam's friend Sean Martin, the former football player who now coaches at the school. Michael asks the coach how they can help, and he says it's actually for one of his players, a kid named Corey Jensen. It seems Corey got into a fight with a local gangster named Felix Cole, who now wants Corey dead. Michael mutters something at Sam, as though this doesn't land squarely in his comfort zone. All Sean has in mind is for them to talk to Corey, who is staying at Sean's place with his sister for the time being. Michael doesn't think that's safe, and Sam agrees to go pick them up. Sean gives Sam a grateful fist-bump and gets back to work. Sam turns to Michael and says, "Okay, it's not a little problem, but we're not exactly talking nosebleed seats either here, huh?" He holds out his own fist for a bump, but Michael just leaves him hanging. Cold. I'd like to see them handle a little problem for once myself, if only to spend a little more time advancing the series arc.

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Burn Notice




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