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Burn Without Notice

Out back, Fi fires the first volley, firmly stating, "We are helping these kids." Michael for once thinks this is something the police needs to handle. But Fi is too worked up to listen. "You're letting your emotions get the better of you," he condescends. She corrects him: "I'm letting my emotions run the show and I feel verystrongly about this." Well, Michael's not going to argue about that, and neither are the subtitles, which tell us we're now looking at "Corey and Tanya -- The Clients."

So now we're off to a stakeout. The Charger's parked on the street, with Michael and Fiona in front and Corey in the back. Pointing to a dinky little bar across the street, Corey explains that it's Felix's HQ. "His crew boosts cars for the 24K syndicate. That's him next to the GTO." And there's Mr. Fingaz himself, attending to a shiny red classic. Corey expresses regret at tangling with what he calls a "stone-cold gangster." "Felix Cole -- Gangster" says the subtitle. Fi corrects Corey: "He doesn't deserve to be called a gangster. Anyone who attacks a 15-year-old is a pervert." And with that, the word "gangster" slides out of the subtitle and the word "pervert" slides in. Even the subtitles are scared of Fi right now. Corey adds that now the whole 24K crew is after him. "This is getting better and better," Michael complains. Corey points out another guy, a heavyset man with a suit and sunglasses giving Felix a hug. This would be Tony Soto, the boss. "Tony Soto -- The Boss," agree the subtitles. Corey adds that Felix makes a lot of money for Tony by being behind every car theft in the neighborhood. This Corey kid is sure on top of the intelligence for this little operation. "I don't think there's anything you guys can do," Corey says. Fi assures him there's a long list of things, but the scene ends before she can get into discussing the places she'd like to put that aforementioned golf club.


Back at the loft, the team discusses how this new challenge is more than what they expected, but Fi's already figured out a way to deal with Felix's powerful connections. "We'll just have to disconnect him, won't we? Tony won't back Felix if we put him out of business. A new gang of car thieves is coming to town," she says. Whew, and not a moment too soon. Let's hope Felix is scared of them. "We're going to have to stash Corey and his sister Tanya somewhere for a little bit," Sam points out.

That is of course our cue to head over to Madeline's house. Unlike last week, she's quite happy to be putting up Michael's underage clients and immersing them in secondhand smoke. "If you didn't bring people over, I'd never see you," she happily passive-aggressives. She also thanks Michael for what he did for his brother Nate. This is the first Michael's heard of anything Nate-related this week, but Madeline thought Michael was the one who not only got Nate cut loose, but had the record of Nate's arrest expunged. "You didn't do that?" she asks. "Not exactly," Michael admits. "It was done for me." Madeline asks him to thank his friends for her, then. "Yeah," Michael says, "my friends put him in jail in the first place, actually, so..." "Sometimes I forget how complicated your life is," Madeline frowns from inside her cloud of cigarette smoke.

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Burn Notice




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