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Burn Without Notice

Cut to a little getting-dressed montage as Michael VOs, "There's a reason armies wear uniforms, even though they make them easier to spot. Sometimes, that's what you want. Uniforms suggest organization, power, and numbers. These, in turn, inspire fear. And as any good operative knows, there's no more effective weapon than fear." What about a big fucking gun? That can be kind of effective, too. But in this case, weapons are simply accessories for their matching outfits of black suits, white shirts, pinky rings, and sunglasses. We get a hero-shot of the three of them walking out, with Sam carrying a shotgun, Michael with a pistol tucked into his waistband, and Fi carrying God-knows-what somewhere on her person. Maybe a golf club. Maybe an exploding golf club.

Felix and a couple of his goons are cruising around in his red GTO. When they stop at a light, Michael's Charger pulls up next to them, with Sam at the wheel, Michael in the shotgun seat (which is about to be a misnomer), and Fi in back. Michael calls to Felix through the open window, "Nice car. It's too bad, really." "What's too bad?" Felix asks, stupidly not alarmed. And suddenly Michael holds up a pepper grenade and tosses it into Felix's car. "Not lethal, but a face full of pepper gas will keep you pretty busy," he VOs. As the GTO fills with gas and its occupants begin to panic, Sam and Fi get out of the Charger. "Don't go anywhere, the party's just starting," Michael says, pulling his gun on Felix before the gangster/pervert can open his car door. Sam gets to work shooting out Felix's tires with the shotgun, while Fi impassively sets a coffee can on the hood. None of our heroes appear affected by the pepper gas in any way, because it's helpfully staying inside Felix's car instead of dispersing out his wide-open windows. Michael VOs, "Melting through the engine block of a car isn't hard if you know what you're doing." Fi lights the fuse. "A few pounds of thermite in a coffee can and a fuse will do the trick and put on a pretty good show." As Felix watches the burning can sink through his hood, and Sam and Fi get back in the Charger, Michael tells Felix, "It's time for you to leave Miami." Sam peels out, and they miss the part where the burning can drops all the way to the pavement And thence, presumably, to Papua New Guinea.

Back at Madeline's, Corey is shocked at their collective cojones. "He's gonna come after you," he obviouses to Michael. Michael says that's kind of the point. Corey's been doing his part: he's been looking through mug shots Sam gave him, and was able to identify Felix's top three car thieves. Again, Corey, coming through big-time with the intelligence. They should consider making him part of the team after this. Madeline presents them with a plate of crackers. "Mom, these are like cardboard," Michael slurs through his first miserable bite. Madeline explains they were in the back of the cupboard. "They were a few years old," she shrugs. She explains how Corey's been helping out by cleaning out all the old food. "He ate a can of smoked oysters that I've had since you were a baby." "A little salty, but they really hit the spot," Corey remarks, moments before toppling over from several varieties of intestinal poisons. Tanya rather ungratefully asks if they can go home now. Michael tells them not yet, and asks if they have any family that Felix might go after. Seems like that would have been wise to ask earlier. Corey says it's just the two of them except for some family up north, and of course Coach Sean.

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Burn Notice




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