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Burn Without Notice

When next we see these three goons, they're hogtied outside Felix's bar with duct tape over their mouths. A bit showy? "There's an element of theater in any offensive campaign," Michael VOs as Felix comes out to see what his enemies have wrought. "It's not just about bullets and bodies; killing people usually creates more problems than it solves. It's about undermining your enemy's will to fight. Destroying the morale of his troops. Sending the message that fighting back is useless because the battle is already lost." By now, Felix has noticed that Sam, Fi, and Michael are loitering next to the Charger, right across the street. On his Bluetooth, Michael calls Felix's cell phone and says, "I bought you a little going-away present." The present being that they're still alive. Felix pulls a gun from his pants, like he's ready to rock and roll right now, and Michael reveals his own gun (in addition to the shotgun that seems to have come free with Sam's suit) and warns, "I'm good to go if you are. You really want to do this in front of all these people in broad daylight?" Felix thinks better of it, and threatens, "Just you wait, Johnny Boy." Checking his watch, Michael agrees to wait 23 hours and 14 minutes. Just then Michael's phone rings with an incoming call. It's Felix's boss, Tony Soto, of all people. He tells Michael that there's a car coming, and he wants Michael to get in it. Michael responds, "I'm new to Miami, but are most people that stupid here?" Tony says he'll leave two of his own men with Sam and Fi to guarantee Michael's safety. Convinced, Michael tells them, "I'm going to meet Tony Soto." And into the car he goes. And he doesn't even have to wear a bag on his head this time.

After the ads, Michael is ushered into a restaurant as he VOs, "There's an old saying that no plan survives the battlefield. Often, as a situation evolves, you create new enemies. Sometimes you create new alliances and friends. Soldiers are fine for dealing with the enemies, but you need a spy to handle new friends." And that's how Michael meets Tony Soto, sitting at a table with a couple of other people and wreathed in cigar smoke. He quickly gets to the point, complimenting "Johnny" on his style and sharing his disenchantment with Felix as of late. "Any guy who lets someone punk him like you did, lets a 17-year-old kick his ass with a baseball bat? Well, I can't have that kind of weakness in my house." No matter how sticky his fingaz may be. Michael doesn't exactly argue. He says he wants to be the only game in town. Tony says nobody operates in this town without dealing with him, and Michael readily agrees to do just that, and continues piling on Felix. "He steals a few cars for sale and lays the rest off in chop shops. Go to a high school, a kid can do that." He claims that his operation does exporting. Intrigued, Tony asks how that works with customs. "Oh, yeah, customs...didn't think about that," Michael doesn't stutter. Actually, he smoothly says, "We clean 'em and clone 'em. Untraceable. Sell them at twice the price. I can't have these idiots running around boosting minivans with a shim and a screwdriver." Tony laughs at Michael's spiel, impressed. "But let's see if you can deliver."

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Burn Notice




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