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From there, Michael apparently gets into his car and drives over to Fi's place to give her gun back. As he walks from the Charger to the door, tucking the gun in his back waistband, he VOs, "There's a reason spies try to stay detached. When you get emotional about something, even if it's just your ex-girlfriend's .45-caliber handgun, you get distracted." Michael uses his key to enter Fi's place, like, you just said ex-girlfriend, dude. This is poor form. Yes, I know Fi did it earlier, but that's expected. "And getting distracted can be very, very dangerous." Michael walks in and closes the door behind him, as Fi lowers another handgun she'd had leveled at the door. Before he says a word, Fi says, "You remember my brother Sean? You met back in Ireland?" Michael turns his attention over to the kitchen, where a craggy-looking blond guy is still pointing his own gun at him. That would be "Sean Glenanne -- Fiona's Brother," according to the subtitles. "Michael McBride," Sean says in a much better Irish brogue than his sister ever had, lowering his weapon. "Last I saw you, you were saving my sister from those English bastards had her pinned down in Belfast." Looking back at Fiona, who cocks her head meaningfully at him, Michael VOs, "Spies need to remember every cover ID they've ever worn. Because you never know when you might need to put one back on." Removing his shades and putting on a brogue of his own, Michael responds, "Heh, it was a geeud thing they were such lewzy shots, otherwoise Fiona and I'd have been sayin' our lahst Hail Marys togethair." Don't worry, I'm not going to be transliterating Oirish accents like that all hour. Trust me, I don't want that any more than you do. Sean's glad to see Michael in any case. Why? "Someone's coming to kill my sister." Michael looks down at Fi like, what took so long?

When we come back from the titles and the ads, Sean is bitching at Fi about the poor condition of her arsenal at present, while she defensively points out that she's moving and has already smuggled all her big stuff out. Sean accuses her of losing her edge and her accent in America. "O'Neill is looking for an Irish woman," Fi says, and suddenly sounds kind of funny as she yells, "I'm not going to hold up a neon sign that says, here I am, come and blow my head off!'" Why'd she say it so weird? Oh, right, I had forgotten just how terrible Gabrielle Anwar's Irish accent really was. Even worse, it has atrophied with disuse. Watching out the window, Michael asks to be brought into the loop on who's after Fi. Sean tells Michael that the O'Neill Fi just mentioned is a radical bomber from back home. "The kind of man I'd love to kiss with a chainsaw." Michael asks why he's after Fi, but that'll have to wait, because Sean and Fi go back to arguing about armaments, right up until a big black van pulls up outside. As Michael watches, Paul Blackthorne, a.k.a. Stephen Saunders from 24 Season Three and Mr. Brooke Shields from Lipstick Jungle, gets out of the vehicle wearing a bulletproof vest. "That's Thomas O'Neill," Sean says. "Bloodthirsty hooligan got here faster than I expected." The subtitles confirm that this is in fact "Thomas O'Neill -- Bloodthirsty Hooligan." They do not comment on his early arrival. Michael says they have to get out now, but Sean wants to stay and fight, even when Michael points out they're outnumbered by a "trained extraction team. We leave now or we die." We'll see in a minute how Sean will seek to find some middle ground between those two options.

The three of them cut through the backyard and peek around the back gate, to where O'Neill has posted an armed sentry on the corner. Fi remarks that the guy doesn't appear to have seen them. So of course Sean pops out and takes a couple of potshots at him, both of which miss. Nicely done. "Well, he's seen us now," Michael leprechauns, and the three of them make a run for it while the sentry runs to report back to O'Neill instead of giving chase. O'Neill orders his men to spread out instead of sending them all in the direction of where his quarry was last seen, which tells me he doesn't deserve to catch them anyway. Meanwhile, Michael and Fi hole up behind (actually, more like next to) a tall hedge while Sean takes off to steal them a car. As soon as Michael's alone with Fi, he drops back into his normal voice to confront her for never having told Sean the truth about him. "Not even a Glenanne would forgive me for working with an American spy," Fi says. "Everyone at home still thinks you're from Kilkenny. Sean can never know." At least not until the end of the episode. Until then, every time Michael's in a scene with Sean, just assume he sounds like he's auditioning to read Angela's Ashes for books on tape unless I say otherwise. Michael dials his cell phone and cuts off Sam's jovial greeting, then says the three of them need a place to hole up in for a while. Sam says he'll make a call, but first Michael asks Sam what he told him about his time in Ireland. "Uh, not much, Mike," Sam admits. As Michael and Fi run to the white sedan Sean just rolled up in, Michael returns to his Irish voice to say, "Well, my name's Michael McBride, and you're just gonna have to roll with it." If only that were the only thing Sam's going to be expected to roll with.

Later, Sean drives them up to a typical Miami palace, complete with a "foreclosure" sign in front. Sam is waiting in the circular drive, and introduces himself to Sean, who ignores the extended hand and starts giving Sam the third degree about who he is, at least until Michael and Fi vouch for him. As they go inside the empty but still very large and very shiny house, Sam asks what Fi did to piss O'Neill off so bad in the first place. "I thought you bit the heads off all your old boyfriends?" Fi says she met O'Neill in the course of the search for her sister's killers. "You had a sister?" Sam asks. "You never mentioned that before." Michael says nothing, so it's not clear if he knew or not. Fi says she doesn't like to talk about it. Sean doesn't seem to have that problem, saying they were part of a relatively small family of seven kids, with Claire the youngest. "When she was taken, I was angry and I was loud," Fi says, using the past tense for some mysterious reason. O'Neill mistook her for a kindred spirit, letting her in on a prep-school bombing he was planning. "And you made sure those explosives never made it to the target," Michael guesses. Fi says that when he showed up again and came after her years later, it was one of the reasons she took off from Ireland in the first place. I assume that the main reason was that she got tired of being mocked for her shitty accent. Sean wraps up the little tale by saying that O'Neill dropped out of sight for a while, then showed up en route to Miami after hearing that Fi had been in touch with people back home. Nice going, Fi's mom. Now that everyone's up to speed, Michael starts explaining the plan: he and Sam will go look for O'Neill while Fi and Sean chill at the house. A perfectly sensible plan, because O'Neill and his men don't know Michael. Even that sentry Sean shot at didn't get a good look at him. Of course both Glenannes protest any suggestion of Michael dealing with O'Neill. Michael irately Irishes, "We'll discuss the dealin' when we do the findin', but Sam and I are doin' the findin'." Sean's not about to let it go, but Fi says Michael's not going to budge, so no point in arguing. Sean storms off, and before Fi follows him, she gets right in Michael's face and threatens him, "I am not one of your damn clients." Michael just watches her walk away, until the subtitles freeze her while she's turning around in mid-point, saying she is in fact "Fiona -- The Client." Before heading out, Michael allows himself an imperceptible smile, almost as though he could read the letters on the screen. He must have

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