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Neighborhood Watch
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The previouslies remind us that the bad guy that Jesse was looking for was dumped out of an airplane off the Bahamas. Then they were able to trace him to a house where he used to live next to someone the subtitles now identify as "Kendra -- Friendly Neighbor." Right.

Michael VOs about how spies are used to dealing with cutting-edge encryption and security. Which is ironic because the visual shows him looking for something ancient enough to read the data on Kendra's big fat obsolete tape drive, schlepping it to what is clearly just the latest in a string of freelance A/V nerds operating in back rooms all over Miami. And of course he's getting nowhere. I don't think that even the Kaypro in my garage would read that thing. Michael emerges to find Fi patiently waiting for him -- or at least Fi's version of patience, which means she's about ready to throw the thing away. But Michael says they'll just need to talk to Kendra. And how hard could that be? Well, not that hard, as it turns out, because Michael has just noticed a hand-lettered sign saying to "Use Stairs." He follows the arrows all around the area until he notices a parked car. Which means he and Fi are under surveillance, since Kendra knew they'd have to bring the tape drive here eventually. That all might sound a little paranoid, but he VOs that spies are used to signs like this, which seem insignificant to the uninitiated. I'd have to agree with him there. Michael calls Sam to set up help grabbing Kendra, and he agrees to meet them there in 30 minutes, even though it means leaving a fresh beer behind. Fi decides to make use of the time shopping. Hey, she can't spend all her time blowing up female stereotypes.

After a while, Michael and Fi are "wandering" along as Michael VOs about how the nice thing about being followed is that you get to pick the route. He calls Sam, who by now has the street staked out from a sidewalk bar, where he says he hasn't seen her "unless she's disguised as a fat tourist." But then he spots her and is sufficiently impressed by her shadowing skills for the subtitles to now identify her as "Kendra -- Professional Killer." That's quite a downgrade from "Friendly Neighbor." Michael and Fi head into an alley where Sam has stashed a taser for them under an orange crate. Kendra follows, taking her time, and when Michael gets bored and peeks out in the direction she's supposed to be coming from, he sees that she has exited the alley -- through a roof hatch. Show off much? She did leave behind a cell phone, however, and when it rings she and Michael have a little talk. She's rather cagey, having realized they planned to nab her, but Michael reminds her that they have something she wants, and she'll be wanting to talk to them. She can't wait, except for how she totally can.

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Burn Notice




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