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Neighborhood Watch

Sam and Michael meet Sugar at a restaurant, but won't fist-bump him. All they want is for Sugar to vouch for them with some of his friends up north so they can go undercover with Cutler.

Back at the underwear club, Michael VOs about how it's possible for a spy to get too clever, and says sometimes the best approach is to offer a drug dealer a good deal on drugs. So, wearing a shiny suit and an even shinier side-part, he throws some cash around the club before sitting down across from Cutler and doing a hard sell on fentanyl, managing to avoid getting dragged bodily away by doing some fast talking. Cutler is a bit cautious, but not so much that he ignores it when Michael gives him a number on a napkin to call and check him out.

After a costume change, Michael calls Sam, who's wearing a security guard uniform at an outdoor mall. Michael's also there, because this is the time and place for Operation Nab Kendra, take two. After he hangs up, she calls and says she's watching him now. Michael tries to lure her down and keep her on the line while Sam moves in on her location, but she's too careful, and she's gone by the time Sam gets there. Michael says they'll get her next time. And then a guy accosts Sam to tell him about a shoplifting. "Good luck with that," Sam says. Worst security guard ever.

Madeline comes into Michael's loft to take him to task for how he's handling the clinic situation, and ignoring his request not to smoke. Does she ever come over when she's not mad at him? Lucky for Michael, he gets a call from Cutler, and she's nice enough to walk away rather than listening to him talk about a drug deal. Michael asks for directions to Cutler's place, but Cutler sets up a meeting elsewhere. Because the other things would be too easy.

At the meeting, Cutler greets Michael as "Mr. Song and Dance." Michael jokes, "My father was Mr. Song and Dance. Kyle, call me Kyle." Michael tosses over a duffel bag, and Cutler pulls out a whole case of medicine vials. Michael offers to show Cutler's guys how to cut it into their product, but Cutler would rather figure it out on his own. Michael doesn't seem to be as pleased at meeting a fellow DIYer as you might think.

It's Jesse's job to tail Cutler and his guys to their stash house in Fi's Hyundai, but he soon finds himself cut off in both directions when a couple of pickups pull diagonally across the street. One of them approaches Jesse and tells him to get out of the car. Michael yells at Jesse over the phone to get out of there while he VOs about drug dealers using checkpoints to keep people out of their neighborhoods. One of the goons gets all up in Jesse's driver's side window, but Jesse's quick thinking and quicker fists clear his path out of there without his even having to get out of the car. Lucky thing Jesse's driving a Hyundai commercial.

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Burn Notice




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