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Past & Future Tense

In the bar's kitchen, we learn Paul's backstory -- back in the 80s, when the real Burt Reynolds was paying his bills with such youthful title roles as "Stick" and "Malone," he got the goods on some Russian satellites and had to go underground. Sam's heard of that accomplishment, though not Paul, because a certain congressman named Cowley wanted it kept quiet. Coincidentally, that same Cowley just happens to be the keynote speaker at the spy convention going on in town right now. Which might be while Paul was moved to get on the internet to bitch about said congressman, and ended up outing himself. Sam peeks outside and notices the arriving Russian bad-asses. Michael says they can keep their exit quiet, and Sam snatches Paul's gun to keep him from commencing a shooting war in the crowded bar, calling him "old-timer" in the process. Paul agrees to do it their way, pleasantly adding, "If you call me old-timer again, you're gonna be wearing your ass around your head. Like a hat." With that, he becomes "Paul -- The Client."

The three of them head back out into the bar, and Michael quickly spots the boss, "Vitali -- Wet Work Specialist." Michael starts to "make a path," which, as he VOs, means taking advantage of the fact that the who are people after you in a crowd can't see each other all the time. He knocks out one with a funnel and another with a fist, wile Paul calls one "Boris" ("They always answer to Boris," he says) and knocks him out so they're free to walk out unmolested. Paul agrees that it was more fun without the guns. And he didn't even get to use the funnel.

It apparently takes the rest of the day to get Paul over to Michael's loft. Sam and Michael think it'll just be for one night while they arrange for some official protection for Paul, but it's more complicated than that. Although Paul denies being burned, he is "a little toasty." And the friends he has who are still alive are pissed at him. He's ready to leave, until he gets a load of Fi. At which point he vaults the fence. Okay, not really.

Upstairs, Paul is talking to Fi about their exploits of that afternoon: "They used to call it karate, but I think they got a new word for it now." "Foreplay?" Fi asks flirtily. "Hello!" Paul leers. Michael and Sam tell Paul he can't keep dodging Russians indefinitely, so they need to get him "back in" -- preferably with some of that dirt Paul says he has on Rep. Cowley. But there's the question of getting Paul's blackmail file from his place, which the Russians certainly have staked out by now. Fi and Michael leave, the former with a bad attitude about Jesse, and Sam with the quip, "Have fun with the Ghost of Christmas Future." Heh.

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Burn Notice




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