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Past & Future Tense

Michael drives around to the back of Paul's place, but Paul isn't coming out, so Michael has to come in. He finds Paul trying to crack his own safe because he forgot the combo after having too many drinks last night. Michael takes over, using the sound method, which involves duct-taping headphone speakers to safe's door to amplify the sounds of the tumblers. Because they've got nothing but time for this. I mean, they already moved the safe across the room, they can't just throw it into the Charger and crack it at their leisure? Finally Michael gets it open and hands the file inside to Paul, who can't believe he forgot the day his mother died. They hear the Russians outside, and Paul wants to go out shooting. Which he does, while Michael bustles him into the Charger and they drive off. Poor Paul still hasn't gotten to kill any Russians, and he's not very happy about it.

They seem to have lost them during the ads, which gives Paul a chance to show off a letter signed by Cowley about a secret, illegal, and bloody deployment into Bogota that he ordered in 1986 and subsequently covered up. Before we can spend too much time wondering how a congressman managed that on his own in the first place, oops, the Russians are back on their tail. Michael figures they have satellite support. Paul leans out the window and stars shooting behind them. "Stop that right now!" Michael scolds paternally. He "loses" them by getting stuck in a traffic jam a few cars ahead. Solid plan, that. Paul figures the Russians are now just debating whether to grab him right there on the crowded street. So Michael gets out and sneaks back around to the vehicle behind them, which luckily happens to be towing a boat. He VOs that while high-speed chases are dangerous, nothing is as treacherous as a "no-speed chase." Uh, because that's not a chase at all? "Your car's no longer being pursued, you are. Just because your car can't move, doesn't mean you can't." From the back of that boat, which by the way he just unhooked from the trailer, Michael steals a handy flare gun and an oilcloth, like he knew exactly where they were. He brings them back to the Charger, then pulls onto the median to continue fleeing. The truck behind him that was hauling the boat pulls ahead to fill the gap, but since Michael unhooked the boat, it falls off onto he pavement, blocking Vitali's pursuit. They're in the open again with the Russian contingent down to one pursuing pickup. Paul picks this time to bring up Fi, but Michael tells him to "light that on fire." Unfortunately, he is changing the subject. Paul leans out the window and opens up the oilcloth in the slipstream, then releases it so it gets stuck on the hood and windshield of the pursuing truck. And then Paul shoots it with the flare gun, setting it alight. So that's the truck out of the chase, and Paul got to shoot something after all.

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Burn Notice




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