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Back on shore, as his men unload the boat, Gerard promises to get Michael drunk, "maybe even laid." Hey, let's not promise miracles here. Sam and Fi watch from Fi's parked car as Michael "helps" them load the coolers into a black van. He's acting like he can barely lift them. Shouldn't he have gone to more pains to disguise his body type? Or is he hoping that Gerard will assume he's been sampling the goods?

Fi shadows the van to a very large storage space that's more like a campus than a single warehouse. They wait outside the gate as the guard lets Gerard's van onto the grounds, and as Sam assesses the rudimentary security, he goes over the next stage: he and Fi wait for Gerard's crew to leave with Michael, and then they go in and get the stuff back. Fi suggests going in now, preferably shooting. Sam says that could get Michael hurt. "Doesn't sound so bad," Fi snarks. Oh, grow up, Fi. You can confidently leverage your sexuality in every episode, or you can bitch about missing a date like you'll never get another one, but you can't do both.

Michael's finally inside the storage facility with Gerard and his crew, but the bad news is that it's a cavernous warehouse. Gerard has finally gotten chatty, and when Michael asks if he's worried about people finding his stuff, he says, "In here? Good luck." They've reached a refrigeration unit, which Michael pretends to assess and find satisfactory. He does warn Gerard, however, that he'd better make sure he doesn't have any other drugs right next to that spot lest they get fried by the heat output, and Gerard assures him, "All our stuff's scattered around. Nothing nearby." Michael pretends to be pleased about that, even though he's totally bummed. He claims he wants to get some tools from the van, and Gerard, looking suspicious, sends a henchman to accompany him.

Outside, Fi and Sam are getting ready to move in when Michael comes out and uses an inhaler puff as cover to give them a head-shaking signal to abort. Let's hope there actually are some tools in that van for Michael to get.

But later, Michael has at least been allowed to leave, as he's back at his loft that evening to report to Sam and Virgil that there's no way to find where in the warehouse the medicine is. Virgil is ready to go search himself, but Michael says, "You want to search through ten thousand boxes? Be my guest." "Sounds like the world's worst game show," Sam observes. Don't give them ideas. Michael reaches behind himself to get a yogurt from the fridge, having forgotten that it's not there any more. Sam sort of comes through for him by plopping a lidless Styrofoam cooler up onto the counter and cheerfully asking, "Hungry?" Michael realizes that their only chance of getting the stuff back is tricking Gerard into moving it, a concept he illustrates by sliding the cooler across the counter (but not fast enough to prevent Sam from snagging a beer from it first). "I think it's time to bring back the mysterious Mr. Finley," he says.

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Burn Notice




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