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Next day, Gerard is back at the bar hoisting a few with his guys when Michael comes slouching up, apparently in a panic about wanting his money. Gerard throws him on the table and demands to know what's up. Michael acts freaked out over having just learned about the involvement of "Chuck Finley." Gerard doesn't see what the big deal is, which just makes Michael pretend to freak out more. "You don't get it. We're dead! We're dead. We are dead." Gerard tells Michael that Finley's the buyer, and Michael takes an inhaler hit before launching into a horror story about Finley, totally cribbed from The Usual Suspects. "Everyone he's worked with is dead. He's everywhere! If the devil had a name, it'd be Chuck...Finley." This last word is delivered in a terrified whisper. He goes on until Gerard is good and spooked, and then asks for his money so he can just go. Gerard informs Michael that he will in fact be accompanying them to the warehouse. Michael resists, until Gerard pulls that gun out again. I love how Michael keeps getting Gerard to do what he wants by pretending to not want to do it.

While Michael helps Gerard's guys reload stuff from the warehouse to the van (and pretending to be barely strong enough to manhandle a cooler), Fi is nearby, making a breathy distress call to the police about a drug deal she claims to be witnessing. Clicking a stopwatch, she adds, "Oh, you have patrols in the area already? Thank goodness." A VO from Michael explains, "Need the police to respond right away? Call ahead. If you've reported a few minor crimes within a six-block radius, you can be sure someone will show up when you need them." And I guess you just need to hope that Gerard doesn't hear the sirens on all the cop cars we see screaming around the local streets. Fortunately, he's too busy answering Michael's nosy questions about another stack of boxes that they're loading up, saying they contain antiviral drugs. "I can't be responsible for that," Michael nerds instead of letting out a whoop at having finally found Marcela's shit. Gerard tells him to chill, just as a big white panel truck drives onto the lot. Michael freaks out, saying that Finley has arrived and it means they're all doomed. As the truck parks at an angle to block the entrance, Gerard sees only one guy driving the vehicle, and doesn't get what the big deal is. Michael says there must be guys in the back of the truck, and tries to bolt. Gerard's men stop him as Gerard tells them to keep loading the stuff while he and Poor Man's Jason Segel take care of "Finley and his guys." They load up with assault rifles, while somehow Sam has gotten out of the truck cab and is now waiting safely out of sight behind the truck with Fi. Gerard and Poor Man's Jason Segal move closer and empty their clips into the back of the truck. Nothing happens. Not in front of them, at least. But behind them, Michael is just wrapping things up with Gerard's other two guys. Which is to say, he has finished helping them load the van and has efficiently kicked their asses. As Gerard turns in shock to watch, Michael drops the Jackson persona along with his inhaler, straightening up and drawing a handgun while walking toward Gerard and the truck. It's a very nice payoff, seeing Gerard's reaction to Michael's metamorphosis. Michael gives us a VO: "Most people think that shooting the gas tank of a vehicle makes it explode. Unless the car is on fire, you'll just spill a few bucks' worth of gas. An explosion requires something extra. Like a few bags of acetone peroxide taped to the gas tank." Funny, this truck just happens to be equipped with that very accessory. Which Michael now shoots with his handgun from fifty yards, sending up a spectacular fireball. As Gerard and Poor Man's Jason Segel sprint away from it, Michael calmly closes the back of the van with the drugs safely inside and drives off through what must be the lot's other exit. And the cops arrive literally the next second to nab Gerard and his crew. Now that's some slick timing. One second later and Michael would have been arrested along with the rest of them. Seeing him try to explain to the police what he's been up to would have filled up a whole other episode.

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Burn Notice




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