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Michael, Sam, and Virgil return the goods to Marcela, and Michael offers, "May I suggest that you fly the medicine next time?" She asks what she can do to repay them. "You know some guys who can move a fridge?" Sam asks. Well, yeah, but you kind of got them arrested. Also, how'd you and Virgil move the Coldspot in the first place? And would it really be that hard to move it back? Off Michael's look, Sam seriously says, "My cooler doesn't hold much beer, Mike." Apropos of nothing, Virgil tells Marcela her dad would have been proud, and she hugs him and walks away. Apparently they can bring the boxes back in their own damn selves. Good thing they also have some nice cold AmpĀ® on hand for refreshment.

But of course the real reason Marcela had to leave the scene was so Madeline can enter it. Virgil protests to Michael that he didn't call her, but Michael's decided he's cool with them dating. In fact, he told Madeline what Virgil was doing in Miami, and she's all impressed with him now. He apologizes for his earlier rudeness, and she offers to let him make it up over dinner. "Take her someplace nice. No guns," Michael says. As Virgil and Madeline happily walk off hand-in-hand, Sam pushes it by saying, "You know, Mike, if you had to have a stepdad, you could do worse."

So let's wrap up this week's burn notice plot. It's nighttime as Michael and Fi again approach Seymour's front door, dressed as though for an evening out. Fi says that Seymour just asked them to stop by. "He sounded more paranoid than normal." Why Michael doesn't just draw his weapon right now I don't know, but he notices Fi's white dress and asks if she's missing another date. Fi says that Seymour's doing an upgrade on a weapon for her and she figured she'd pick it up this evening. "I have no intention of missing any more dates," she says. "You look beautiful, Fi," Michael says out of nowhere, taking her aback. She's still formulating a reply when Jackass answers the door and leads them into the house.

Inside, Michael finally asks Fi about her gentleman friend, and she says he's a paramedic and that Michael would like him. "I wouldn't count on it," Michael says, just as Seymour jumps out from behind a corner and slams him in the ribs from behind with a baseball bat. At the same time, Jackass grabs Fi and threatens her with his gun. Seymour's seriously upset, demanding to know what Michael has gotten him into with his questions about the sniper rifle. Choking, re-thumping, and then flooring Michael with the bat, Seymour orders, "You start answering questions or your girlfriend gets a bullet in the head!" "I'm not his girlfriend," Fi calmly says. That's all the distraction Michael needs to kick out at Seymour's shin nerve, causing him to buckle and drop the bat. Spotting an open canister of black dust, Michael VOs, "Arms dealers keep gunpowder handy to manufacture custom-made rounds." That handy? As Michael reaches for it and flings its contents behind him and Seymour in the direction of Jackass and Fi, the VO continues, "But gunpowder doesn't need to be in a bullet to be dangerous. Even muzzle flare can set it off. So when dispersed through a room, anyone with half a brain puts his gun away." So then maybe it wasn't the best idea for Michael to have created that explosive black cloud when the only armed guy in the room is someone who goes by the professional name of Jackass. Fortunately, Seymour warns him not to shoot. Fi takes the upper hand by grabbing a nearby rifle and clubbing Jackass to the floor with it. Meanwhile, Michael forces Seymour's head to the table and says, "You want to tell me what that was about?" Seymour says that when he tracked down the shop that did the modifications on the Dragunov, he found it burned to the ground and the owner dead. Sounds like Them. Seymour naturally assumed that Michael was setting him up. Michael asks who brought the gun in. When Seymour claims he doesn't know, Fi, even more In No Mood than usual, dumps another container of gunpowder on his face. Seymour maintains that all he knows is that someone picked up some stuff for the gun: "Specially calibrated muzzle brakes, night sights, and a fiber-optic camera." And the name of the guy who picked it up was Bill Johnson. Well, that's certainly a thick, juicy lead. Fi's about ready to shoot Seymour, but Michael stops her and tells Seymour, "We were never here, you understand?" Seymour does.

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Burn Notice




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