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I, Spy

When Michael arrives, he and Chandler approach the gallery entrance as Michael claims that he spotted a bomb planted inside his house before going in. And when they get to the gallery entrance, there's the paper box with the cell phone taped to it and a cord running out of sight, just like Michael told Melanie to do. So she can do something right after all. "There it is right there, "Michael says, pointing it out to Chandler., with the "detonator" wired to the doors. Excellent: Michael just made Melanie a terrorist. He makes another bid to get Chandler to spill: "Tell me what this guy's after, or I walk away and you handle this alone." Chandler finally cracks and tells Michael about the painting. Michael acts like this is the first he's heard of it: "What do you think is cheaper for him, paying seven million or having us killed?" Michael says that at this point, there's nothing for it but to trade the painting for their lives. As he follows Chandler to his car, he VOs, "When you're playing the spyhunter, the goal is to get the target to trust you completely. To think of you as his only ally." Chandler beeps his key clicker, and his car blows to hell, sending both him and Michael sprawling on the parking lot. The VO continues, "Convince him that he's on the brink of disaster, and he'll tell you whatever you want him to." As demonstrated by the fact that Chandler just told Michael the painting's at his house. From the bushes, Fi admires her handiwork. This was a pretty subtle explosion for her; at one time, Fi would have nearly brained Michael with a flying door handle.

Back at the lounge in Orr's hotel, Sam gets a text message: "Chandler's house." He grins and goes to the bar, where Orr is ogling a blonde, and warns him, "Careful. Last time I saw you, you got your ass kicked by a girl smaller than her." Orr starts to make a move, but Sam subdues him by grabbing and twisting his thumb. Sam holds up a tiny vial of what is probably table salt and claims it's arsenic, which Chandler gave him after hiring Sam -- who again claims his name is "Finley" -- to kill Orr. But Sam says he figured, "I'm only getting $10,000 to hit you. A lousy ten Gs and that guy's pocketing millions? And I said to myself, 'That's not fair!'" Sam suggests that instead, Orr will tell him where Chandler is selling the painting and cut Sam in on the deal. "Otherwise we can go back to Plan A. $10,000 is better than nothing, right?" Sam releases Orr's thumb, and Orr asks where Chandler is now.

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Burn Notice




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