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I, Spy

At Chandler's house, Michael helps him pull a large painting off the wall to reveal the "Lady in White" hidden behind. I'm no art critic, but seven million for that? It looks like a Nagel as interpreted by Lichtenstein. And it's not even that big. Chandler asks how they find the spy to give him the painting. And when he lowers it, he sees that Michael's holding a gun on him. "He's already here," Michael says. Dude, he tried to tell you. [Like, nine times. - Z] Chandler makes a grab for the gun, and instead of shooting him, Michael pistol-whips him into a nap. "That's the thing about spies," Michael tells the painting. "You never know who they are." As he leaves, he calls Sam, who tells him that Orr is on his way.

Sure enough, when Orr arrives, he finds Chandler holding an icepack to his head and a bare spot on the wall where the painting concealing "Lady in White" used to be. Michael VOs, "One of the problems with running a criminal conspiracy is that there's no real way to avoid trust issues with your coworkers." Orr asks where the painting is, and Chandler says "the spy" took it, and hit him on the head. That spy's VO continues: "If you steal with a guy, he knows you're a thief." For some reason, Orr doesn't believe Chandler's story, and pulls out a gun. "You rip me off, you try to kill me and you can't come up with anything better than that?" Chandler starts begging for his life as Michael VOs, "If you kill with him, he knows you're a killer." Orr threatens Chandler one more time, and as the camera goes outside, we hear Chandler desperately repeating his story, and a gunshot. "It's a serious management issue," Michael's VO concludes. Wow, that's kind of cold. Usually Michael doesn't get the bad guys killed until he's given them a chance to play nice.

At Carlito's, with Michael, Sam reports to Melanie that Orr got arrested trying to dump Chandler's body in the Miami River. She gives Michael a small envelope of cash, which he tries to decline, saying, "I'm pretty sure you just lost your job." Besides, he ended up not needing to buy that diamond drill after all. She assures him that her father left her some money, so she's covered, and Michael has to suffer the humiliation of actually accepting payment for work he did. I don't know how he can bear the shame. But Melanie's not done; she gives Michael a small butterfly painting that her father did the year she was born. "Thank you," Michael says softly. Okay, I'm done bitching about Michael's income for a while, now; that little doodle should keep him in yogurt and cell phones for some time. Melanie takes off, and Michael hands Sam the painting. "Do me a favor: drop this off at the loft. I have to go kidnap an explosives expert." Don't blow it.

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Burn Notice




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