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Out in the woods, Michael and Fi load up with a pair of shotguns Seymour brought. He offers to come along as backup, and gets shot down. Not literally. "They're loaded with the shells that I made specifically for this job," he mutters when they're long gone.

Fi and Michael get close enough to the house to see the blinking detonators, which would of course blow up Poole as well, as he sits there watching pro wrestling. Fortunately, Michael and Fi are properly equipped. "Favored by bomb squads, disruptor shells are a specially designed shotgun round filled with water." Disruptors are also favored by Klingons, of course. As Fi fires one through Derek Poole's living room window, sending the bomb flying, Michael explains, "The blast can blow an explosive device apart without igniting it." And as Michael steps into place outside the shattered window with his own shotgun leveled at a very worried-looking Poole, he continues that the shells are only lethal at six feet. At ten feet, they just hurt a lot. Michael fires, and a high-velocity water balloon knocks Poole to the floor, unconscious. [Last week, they were shooting people with bean bags. Next week? White rice. Delicious! - Z]

In the tag, Poole has been brought to Seymour's house that night, where he's tied to a chair with a burlap sack over his head. Seymour and Jackass are in the background when Michael pulls the bag off Poole's head. "Recognize me?" he asks. Poole does, and starts to say it was nothing personal. Seymour suddenly turns around, brandishing a blowtorch and advancing with it, trying to look scary but really just coming off like a big dork. "Seymour, I don't think we need that," Michael says calmly, and Seymour shuts it off with a frustrated shrug. "Answer my questions and I'll get you and your girlfriend out of the country, deal?" Michael asks. Does Poole...wantto get out of the country? Poole agrees to Michael's terms, but he doesn't know the answer to Michael's first question, which is who hired him. Seymour gets all threaten-y with the blowtorch again, and Poole says it was someone he'd never met. "How did they pay you?" Michael asks. Poole says it was done by transfer into an account in the Caymans. He supplies the account number while Seymour and Jackass fumble with a notepad. With the info secured, Michael asks Seymour if he has any shipments going to Suriname. "Every other week," Seymour answers. This is not what Poole thought Michael meant by "out of the country." Michael replaces the bag as Poole whines, "I don't even know where that is!" At least you should have plenty of "together time." You know, Carla is not going to be happy when she finds out about this. Assuming she ever comes back. Eventually, Michael's going to have to either come clean or give up someone as his bomber, and if he goes the latter route, I don't envy whoever the baddie-of-the-week is that episode.

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Burn Notice




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