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Michael comes out of Seymour's house to meet Fi waiting outside. I'm hoping the sight of her will cause him to slap his forehead and say, "Shit, I forgot to punish him for almost immolating you!" He simply tells her he got the account number. "I just need to turn it into a name." Sounds like a project for next week. Suddenly Seymour comes rushing outside with gifts for both of them. "It's in honor of our first operation together," he says shyly. Michael and Fi open the cases to find matching throwing daggers. Seymour points out the engraving on the blades that means "destiny." "It's a symbol of your bond," he explains. "Our bond, actually." He had one made for himself, as well. He runs back inside, leaving them standing there with daggers pointed at each other. Michael tells Fi what's been bugging him: "The morning after we, uh... I brought you a Spanish omelet. Egg-white only. But you were gone." Aw, Michael didn't get to cuddle. Fi says, "Maybe next time I'll have to stay." And then they walk off in separate directions. "Next time?" Shit.

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Burn Notice




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