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Michael has called Sam over to Carlito's for an emergency meeting with him and the receptionist, whose name is Melanie. She tells them her father was J.D. Blake, a name that means nothing to Michael but impresses Sam, thanks to his ex Veronica. "You know, you could stand getting out to a few museums every once in a while, Mike," he lectures. Melanie says that Chandler used to be her father's art dealer, and was pressuring him to finish up a multimillion-dollar painting called "Lady in White" even as his health was declining. Her dad got sick of Chandler's whining and decided to change dealers (depriving Chandler of a huge commission, as Sam points out), and a month later someone broke into his loft, beat him to death, and burned down his studio. "Lady in White" was reported destroyed. She's sure it was Chandler. "And he never put it together that you're J.D. Blake's daughter?" Michael asks. She says she never actually met her father in person, and just came down to get a job with Chandler after hearing that "Lady in White" was being moved on the black market. She doesn't explain how she knows from the black market. Michael warns her that he's going to have to check the footage from the security cameras on the entrance she used. She starts to stress out, but Michael assures her he'll take care of it. "If your story checks out," he caveats.

At the loft, Michael's either doing a workout with his heavy bag or tenderizing two hundred pounds of steak hung from the ceiling. Sam comes in with some paperwork. Apparently a lease from 1985 is enough to convince him that Melanie's for real. So Michael decides to have Sam tell her he'll take on her project. "But tell Melanie she has to stop spying. I'll handle it." Too bad Melanie's not around so the subtitles can swoop in and identify her as "Melanie -- The New Client."

Michael gets to work on some more homemade electronics; this time it's an electromagnet that runs on a car battery. "Of course, you have to be careful to use a heavy-gauge wire if you don't want a fiery explosion that covers you in battery acid." Whew, he told me just in time. "But do it right and you've got a magnet powerful enough to wipe any magnetic media you can manage to get close to." And, as Michael demonstrates, you can also use it for sliding a wrench across a workbench without touching it.

Next morning, the building manager at the gallery leads Michael into the room where the security system lives. While Michael asks him to copy some footage onto DVD, he sets down the big backpack he's carrying onto a stack of CPUs and quietly presses the button on the handle. [Unless you're on your way to a high-school trigonometry class, that's a suspiciously large backpack. - Zach] So when the guy goes to pull up the footage, he just gets a screen full of snow. Michael convincingly acts surprised and confused. "I better tell Chandler about this right now," he says, grabbing his backpack and walking out. He's just leaving a trail of blank security camera drives all over town, isn't he?

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Burn Notice




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