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I, Spy

Michael bitches to Chandler that this is much more serious than Chandler let on. Chandler is wondering how the footage could have been wiped in the first place. Michael says it could be anything: "A crooked security guard, a hacker? Hell, for all I know it could have been some guy walking in with an electromagnet." Helpful. Chandler asks how they stop it, and Michael wants to get into Chandler's computers to see if they've been breached. When Chandler balks, Michael mocks, "Are you hoping he walks in that door, stands in front of you, and says, 'Hi, I'm your spy?'" You know, like he just did. "Call me when you're serious," Michael says as he heads for the door. "When you're playing the role of spyhunter and the person you're hunting is yourself," he VOs, "the trail of evidence can lead anywhere you say it does. And no one can create more fear, more paranoia, than the spyhunter." Chandler calls Michael back in, and Michael warns him, "It could get a lot worse before it gets better." Or not get better at all.

Back to Carlito's, where Sam hasn't been able to find anything that points to "Lady in White" in Chandler's files. However, he cross-referenced his phone records from the week Melanie's dad died and tracked down a guy named Jacob Orr, a "security consultant" who has a record for manslaughter. "Chandler's wetwork guy," Michael figures. He tells Sam to go make a new friend. "You can take Fi." "You sure know how to sweeten the pot, Mike," Sam carps. But since the subject of Fi has come up, he asks Michael what was going on between them at the loft earlier. Again, Michael suddenly becomes a terrible liar, and Sam figures out that Michael and Fi had some "together time." Sam asks Michael, "How many times do you have to touch the flame before you figure out that it burns?" I just bet it does, especially when Michael pees.

At some swanky hotel lounge, Sam and Fi sit sipping drinks and watching Orr, a beefy guy with a gray Vandyke [a.k.a. Mr. Friendly from Lost! - Z], putting away shots at the bar. Even the subtitles come through with the scare quotes as they say, "Orr -- 'Security consultant.'" Sam hands Fi a bug for her to install in Orr's cell phone, which she tucks down the front of her dress. Sam asks if she's sure she's up for it. "You think I can't get a guy to go up to his room?" she asks. "No, I'd say you have a gift for getting men to make bad choices," Sam meows. "Don't look at me. He started it," Fi protests mildly. Sam basically tells her to get to work. Oh, girls, Michael likes each of you in your own way.

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Burn Notice




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