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As she flirts with Orr at the bar, Michael VOs that "for a female operative, picking a guy up at a bar is harder than it might seem. Most men have a sense for when a pickup is going too well. If it's too easy, they get suspicious." Well, why send Fi, then? She's got two speeds: Fi, and Feel Me Up. Of course, she gets Orr to ask her up to his room in about ten seconds flat.

As we see Sam filling an ice bucket in the hallway upstairs, Michael VOs, "Once an operative has a guy on the hook, she needs backup to make sure things don't go to far." Hence Sam, positioning himself outside the door. Inside, Fi mixes Orr a rum, coke, and chloral hydrate, but suddenly he's not thirsty enough to have another drink before, you know, "together time." In such cases, Michael VOs, "You have to induce unconsciousness some other way." Fi gets Orr to take his shirt off, and when he has it half over his head, she clubs him with a liquor bottle, just hard enough to piss him off. Hearing the crash, Sam starts banging on the door, and Orr realizes he's been set up. Fi kicks him in the goolies and breaks another bottle over his head, which actually does knock him out this time. She then takes a moment to bug his cell phone and lift his wallet while Sam is still trying to break the door down. Finally she opens it and strolls out, asking him, "What?"

After the ads, Melanie comes charging into the loft to find Sam alone there, since Michael went out for yogurt. She's all stressed out because Chandler is having the drives with the erased footage rebuilt. Sam tells her that's going to take a while, and they already have a fresh clue. He plays her a recording off of Orr's phone bug, in which Orr told Chandler that he was attacked, and he suspects more than a simple robbery. "If someone found out about the holding company..." Orr said. [Perhaps it's Big Brother? - Z] "Look, I've got all that stuff locked up in my office. Just relax," Chandler reassured him, incidentally providing our heroes with a clue. Sam stops the playback and says they're working on putting together something they can take to the cops. But in the meantime? "I think it's time for Chandler's spy to be more aggressive," Sam says, which makes Melanie nervous until Sam clarifies, "I mean Mike, not you."

So that's what he does. Michael goes to Chandler's house, pretending to be all upset because someone broke into his house. Or Miles Parker's house, more accurately, which doesn't actually exist. Chandler freaks out about whether any of his info was taken, but Michael assures him it's safe. He does add that witnesses in the neighborhood saw a man and a woman. Chandler makes the connection to what happened to Orr, and Michael freaks on him for not telling him about this before. "Maybe I'm not being clear: I need to know everything that is going on, because now I'm involved." He acts all worried about what they're up against, and Chandler asks who it could be. "Could be anyone," Michael says. "Some spy gets blacklisted, goes freelance, he could be standing right in front of you and you wouldn't even know it." Cute. [Seriously, is he tryingto throw suspicion on himself? - Z] He tells Chandler that he needs to know what the spy is after, as though he doesn't already know. "It's the only way I can protect you." Chandler denies being anything other than squeaky clean. Michael wants Chandler to let him upgrade everything, which means giving him access to the whole security system. And by this point, he's got Chandler paranoid enough to agree to it.

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Burn Notice




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