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I, Spy

When Michael and Fi return to the loft, Sam offers to drink his beer outside to give them some alone time. Not to be confused with "together time." Fi declines, so now they can talk about the bomber's booby-trapped place, and the drill Sam might be able to get a deal on from one of his ubiquitous buddies. Michael's cell phone rings; it's Melanie, calling from the office, because she heard that Chandler's secretary was shredding stuff, but left some behind for Monday, and now Melanie is rifling through it. "You're at the office on a weekend?" Michael duhs. "If you used your employee security code, Chandler will know you're there." Melanie says she couldn't let the files get destroyed, and Michael says Chandler never would have left anything useful lying around in the first place. "It's a trap. He knows you're there. You need to get out right now." She goes to the window, and sees Chandler's car pulling into the parking lot. "Oh, my God, he's here," she panics into the phone." Michael wonders why he swapped the smart client for the dumb one.

While walking out of his loft, still on the phone with Melanie, he gives her some instructions: "Get a box of paper, some duct tape, and an extension cord. Tape the cell phone to the top of the box, run a wire behind it, and put it in the gallery entrance. Do it now, I'm on my way." He hangs up and asks if Fi has explosives. "I'll pretend you didn't ask that," she says. [Does she keep them in the Saab? Isn't that dangerous? Those things are born from jets! - Z] As he gets in the Charger, Sam offers to accompany Michael, but Michael wants him to contact Orr instead. Everyone clear on what they need to do? I hope so, because I'm not.

At the gallery parking lot, Chandler has just finished tucking a gun into the back of his pants when his cell phone rings. "It's Miles Parker, where are you?" Michael asks him. Chandler says he's at the gallery, and Michael sounds like a fugitive as he asks, "Are you all right? Did they come after you?" Chandler doesn't get it, and explains to Michael how he trapped the perp using some shredder-destined papers as bait. Michael just laughs as he drives along. "They tried to kill me!" he says. "You don't think the spy who's doing all this would be stupid enough to come by your office and use a security code on the weekend?" That would be one stupid spy, all right. "It's a trap, Chandler!" He tells Chandler not to go inside, and he'll be right there. I'm starting to get confused on who's trapping whom.

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Burn Notice




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