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As he walks away from her at the marina, he's already on the phone to Sam, who quotes his last line back to him to demonstrate that the bug is working. Michael wants Sam to be in charge of monitoring the bug so Michael can go to the airport and "See if I can't motivate our pal Diego." Something tells me Diego isn't going to like being motivated.

"Front companies generally make easy targets for burglary," Michael VOs as he B&Es Garza's hangar in the dead of night. "They don't want people wondering what they have to hide, so they tend not to install a lot of lights, alarms, and security cameras." Michael breaks into a crate to steal an old ceramic bowl as he continues, "And, of course, they never invite the police in to investigate, so there's really no need to be shy about leaving clues." Like the note Michael leaves reading "Sorry to Rock Your Boat," signed, "Amigo." Burglary over.

Fi is staked out in her Saab in front of Parabola Towers as Sam tells her the plan: they bust Park wiping the access logs. "I understand the plan, I just don't like it," Fi says, because her job is to complain about the plan so the men can tell her how ideal it is. Sam has to take a break from that, because he's picking up a transmission from the bugged phone that Shannon gave Michael. Which she's using to call a hit man. Yeah, she's a careful one, all right. Sounds like Spencer didn't follow Michael's advice; he hacked into Park's computer remotely, she caught him, and now there's a bomb under his house set to go off at midnight. Sam dispatches Fi to Spencer's house, which she says is 20 minutes away. While she peels out, Michael is elsewhere, stuffing that bowl he stole into a FedEx package and slipping it into a drop-box. "Hey, Sam, do you need some bowls?" he asks when Sam calls. Sam quickly gives Michael the skinny and tells him to get to Spencer's as well. This is a two-person job?

Fi gets there first, and announces her entry by driving her Saab through the chain link fence around Spencer's front yard, shooting the locks off his front door at ten yards, and then kicking it open (although not at ten yards). All Spencer sees is the beams from her Saab's headlights lighting the room up all X-Files, so when she storms in, he gets up and...argues with her. Michael comes in just in time, and smacks him unconscious. "You can't talk to him when he gets like that!" he lectures, throwing Spencer across his shoulder and following Fi into cover behind Michael's car. The house blows. Spencer comes around, looks at them, and says, "If you're here...?" Fi confirms that they missed Park. "She's going to erase everything." So much for attempt number two. Now all that's left for them to do until the commercials are over is sit there watching the fire erase Spencer's house.

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