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Third time's the charm, so here we are. The next morning at the loft, the team plays Spencer a recording of a second call between Park and her hitman, discussing the failed hit. Spencer isn't buying it, since the message wasn't transmitted via light-beam. "This must be a special occasion," Sam explains. Spencer realizes they tried to kill him, but Michael has a backup-backup plan, which is after all what fourth acts on this show are made for. "Now that you're the only one she has reason to be afraid of, you're going to have to help." Spencer wants no part of this, especially when he hears he'll need to talk to Park in person. Michael warns him to stick to the script. "You cannot mention aliens, light beams, or any of it." Fi, the designated Spencer-translator, tells him why: "Shannon can't find out we know what she is. She can't find out that her cover's blown. She'll call in for backup. All the other beings." Makes sense to Spencer. See, he's fine as long as there's another crazy person around to interpret things for him.

Michael meets Park at the marina as scheduled. She starts spinning a story about how she checked the access logs and they showed nothing, and starts trying to pin it on Spencer's dead friend. Michael interrupts her to say he got a call from Spencer, who he says is ex-NSA. Park doesn't think a loopy plant waterer is up for that, but Michael sells it pretty well. "Nice cover, don't you think?" He says. He pretends to wonder why Spencer wants Park there with him when they meet. Park is secretly not wondering at all.

In a grassy vacant lot below a bridge, Michael and Park meet up with Spencer and Fi, both in suits. As per the script, Spencer accuses Park of everything we know she's done. Except he does it in his usual whiny-nerd voice, so it doesn't really have the impact it otherwise might. So it falls to Michael to help sell it. "You're the leak?" he incredulously asks Park. Spencer demands five million in cash to keep it quiet, and he does go a little off-script: "I know your whole dark plan, and I know you're one of them." After an awkward moment, Fi saves it: "Ms. Park is one of those people who doesn't cover their tracks as well as they think." Good one. She rattles off Park's password and asks if she's changed it yet today. Spencer hands Michael a stack of encrypted e-mails, as well as some printouts he claims are decrypted. Park, not fooled, starts to walk. As this is falling apart, neither Fi nor Michael know what to do, until Spencer yells, "If I'm bluffing, then how do I know that you're setting up a deal to sell another name to the Venezuelans?" That's got her. She and Michael agree to the five million, and leave together. Fi asks Spencer how he came up with Venezuela. Spencer explains about patterns. "Also, I saw a file labeled Caracas when I tried to hack her." Fi is impressed. I think she's with the wrong Michael West_n.

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Burn Notice




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