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Shortly thereafter, Michael is explaining the situation to a uniformed policeman as Spencer is guided into the back of an ambulance by two EMTs. "He started talking about aliens and crazy stuff," Michael says. "He thought I was a spy." The cop says this has happened before with Spencer, who has apparently been in and out of psych wards for years. "Big-time schizo," he says sensitively. He takes off, and Sam remarks to Michael that he's glad they can still call the cops. Which is a weird remark, because they call the cops all the time. Of course, they're not used to hanging around until they actually show up. Michael's worried about how Spencer was able to find him in the first place, like that wasn't a whole thing with his clients throughout Season Two, and Sam assures him, "Most people can't decode the messages hidden in beams of light." True, but I habitually translate my Maglite transmissions into Khmer just in case.

"A money launderer's natural habitat is near rich people," Michael VOs over some Miami pool porn. "What they save by avoiding taxes, they usually spend on overpriced drinks. But meeting with them is never boring." Way to raise expectations for the scene, Michael. Yet even he looks bored as he stands over Barry's deck chair, reading Barry's curt message back to him from his phone display. "This text doesn't even have a smiley face," Michael complains. "What happened to my friend Barry?" Barry apologizes for his steep fee, complains about his mom, and waxes creepy with the bikini-ogling before handing Michael an envelope on the company Michael had him check into. It's a shell company, of course, but it's connected to a business that owns a hangar at the airport. Satisfied, Michael pays the man, but stops short of agreeing to apply sunscreen to his back. Michael doesn't have all day, you know.

When Michael returns to his loft, who should be there but Spencer, chilling at the bottom of the steps flanked by Sam and Fi. Spencer apologizes for before, and talks about how easily he broke out of the locked ward. "There's no hard feelings. I know you were just testing me," he adds. Michael says Spencer can't be there, and Spencer realizes Michael's right; they're looking for him. "The aliens?" Sam asks. "The police," Spencer corrects patiently. "I broke out of a psych ward. Weren't you listening?" Spencer begs Michael to look at what he's learned. "I found you, didn't I?" "He doesn't seem that crazy to me," Fi puts in. Well, that makes it official: he's bonkers.

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Burn Notice




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