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As we return to the airport, Michael does some more VO-ing: "Drug cartels aren't the only organizations who use import-export businesses as fronts. Intelligence agencies like them because they make it possible for missions to finance themselves." This as Michael is walking right into that hangar with nothing his bluster and sunglasses, looking around at crates of items both dangerous and fragile. "They send out guns and supplies and get back goods to sell. Native antiquities are favorites because their subjective prices make money laundering easy." Michael walks up to a Latino guy in business-casual clothes, asking if he's the manager. "No, Mr. Westen," he says, standing up. "I'm Diego Garza. I'm the spy you're looking for." "Diego Garza -- The Spy Michael's Looking For," the subtitles confirm. Michael likes how Diego isn't trying to mess with him, and he already knows that Michael's approaching him to try to get Back In. But Garza really wants Michael to leave immediately, and he tells him so politely but firmly. "Not everything they told you about me is true," Michael says. He just wants to talk to Garza's bosses. Garza alludes to some of the horrors he's seen and survived in his 20 years, until his transfer here. "You know what the hardest part of this job is? That forklift turns funny." The point is, he's not about to risk this cushy gig by saying he's been in contact with a burned spy. "I'm not rocking this boat." Michael isn't going to let it go that easily. "I'm giving you a chance to be a friend," he threatens. Garza, who speaks spy as well as Michael does, says he doesn't like threats. "But I love your sunglasses. You have a good one, okay?" Michael takes off, defeated. For now.

Back at Parabola Towers, Sam, in slicked-back hair and a dark suit and tie, (but still without a fresh shave, because why go overboard?), strides into he bullpen outside Park's office as Michael VOs, "Doing a job in broad daylight means easier access but more witnesses. You can walk right in with your unwanted audience, but you better have a plan to entertain them." Or, as Sam's about to do, make them a captive audience. Sam jumps up on a desk, jovially introduces himself as a teamwork consultant named (what else?) Charles Finley, and herds everyone into the conference room, promising everyone ice cream cake for his birthday. He has to cut off Park's attempted escape into her office to make sure she comes along, but she doesn't follow him without locking her office first. For all the good that's going to do her.

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