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When Michael and Spencer appear on the scene and see the empty cubicles, Spencer whispers, "Have they all been taken?" "Yeah, to the conference room," Michael says, and leads the way to Park's office. Using Michael's bump key, they break in while Sam is actually going through a whole long boring, content-free (and thus completely convincing) PowerPoint presentation. It's not going all that great -- some of the employees have turned on him for not actually providing that ice cream cake -- and it's not going much better in Park's office. All Spencer has been able to find on her computer is some encrypted e-mails, but as Michael points out, that's not enough to send to the FBI. He wants the code, which is the only thing that will serve as a smoking gun. Unfortunately, Spencer is getting distracted by the latest of those accursed patterns he keeps spotting. In this case, it's Park deleting her bank records at intervals that correspond with deaths of spies/Guardians. Including today, which tells him two more names went out. He commences freaking. Michael tries to keep him on task, but it's no good; as for the code itself, Spencer has just realized that she must keep her copy in the SCIF room. I have to do a little research to learn that SCIF stands for Secure, Compartmented Information Facilities, but Michael knows his stuff better than I do (which is the point of this show, after all): "That's a vault!" he growls. Spencer apologizes for not seeing it before, and Michael kicks him out of the chair so he can take over, sending himself copies of all the encrypted shit on Park's hard drive. In more bad timing news, Park herself has gotten frustrated with Sam's non-presentation, and storms out. Sam follows her, trying to convince her to go back into the meeting. And loudly, so Michael can hear them coming. He tries to drag Spencer out, but Spencer's busy prattling and trying to insist they take her computer to get what they need. "The darkness will come! The darkness will come!" he whines. Michael physically calms him down and drags him out of the office and out of sight, just before Sam and Park come around the corner. "They're all gonna die," Spencer whines as he and Michael wait for the elevator. "We don't have the code. They're all gonna die." I guess one advantage of having a crazy client is that you never have to end a second act without reminding the audience about the stakes in the regularly scheduled second-act screw-up that just occurred.

Spencer's still chattering away when Michael and Fi pull up to his house in the Charger. I guess Michael picked her up so she could translate for him. Spencer is now talking about hacking into Park's computer remotely, which Michael strongly advises against, because she'd be able to trace it back to where he lives. Michael tries to explain what he's planning to do instead, but Spencer won't take a breath from yammering about the impossibility of breaking the code or into the SCIF room, respectively. So Michael and Fi get out of the car, and Michael glares at Fi over the roof to express his frustration. She steps in and calmly explains to Spencer that Michael's plan is to use the encrypted e-mails they did get to fool Park into thinking she's thisclose to being busted, and when she goes to covers her tracks, they'll tip off the FBI. "The alien goes to jail," she sums up. Spencer's on board with that. "Is that what you were going to say?" he asks Michael. Michael glares some more. He's going to melt his sunglasses if he's not careful.

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Burn Notice




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