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Investigation Seeks Repatriation to the Haitian Nation
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As Michael and Fi walk past some beach porn, he VOs, "Bribery is a lot more difficult than it sounds." It never sounded that easy to me, but let's let Michael finish: "There's no way to shop around, so you usually overpay for whatever information you're after. There's no money-back guarantee if the information's bad. And of course, the only thing that you know for sure is that you're handing your money to a thief and a liar." Which segues right into the usual method of early-episode exposition: Fi loudly whining about whatever Michael's doing at the moment so he can explain it to her, and, by extension, us, the viewer. Of course, you and I are smarter than Fi, so we can figure out for ourselves why Michael's prepared to give an envelope of cash to the banker who handled the money that financed Michael's assassination attempt. Which means we can probably gloss over part of this scene. It's not like we're going to find out how Michael got ten grand in the first place. "It's a tactical risk," he admits when she complains about his going in alone and unarmed. "I was warned not to meet you the first time," he reminds her. Yes, after I spent weeks of research and far too much of my own money developing a machine that would take me into the television and back in time. Obviously, it didn't work. "Yeah, I almost blew off your hand with a block of C-4," she recalls. "And I made a friend," he grins. "Maybe I'll make another one." Careful what you wish for.

He leaves Fi behind to walk into a multi-story parking garage, which is nearly empty except for a few parked cars and a nervous-looking guy standing by the railing wearing a suit and holding a manila folder. "Gustavo!" Michael calls to him, and the subtitles confirm that this is indeed "Gustavo -- Cayman Islands Bank Manager." He's a little young for the job. And he seems to be getting cold feet, telling Michael that he had second thoughts all through the flight. "You came here because I'm giving you a lot of money for a little information," Michael reminds him. "I just want a name, a few numbers, and you're back on a plane." Gustavo wants to know how Michael found him in the first place. "I have friends," Michael says, but Gustavo is still asking questions. So Michael realizes that this might not be Gustavo at all, and shows us how to check. "Change details that the other person would know," he VOs, and tells Gustavo, "We talked about this on the phone. I'm giving you...eight thousand dollars for a file. Part of what that money buys is privacy." Despite how obviously Michael telegraphs the fact that he's lying about the amount, Gustavo doesn't dispute it, and Michael gives him that scary smile from behind his sunglasses as he says the deal was for ten thousand. "And we never talked on the phone." Okay, he got me on that one. "You want to tell me who you are?" Gustafaux finally smiles for the first time, says, "I can explain," and reveals the knife he's been holding behind that folder. Michael's a little slow today, because Gustafaux manages to slash Michael's long-suffering left arm before Michael grabs Gustafaux's right and twists it, causing him to drop the knife. But Gustafaux also has a blade in the left hand, and Michael has to kick Gustafaux pretty hard to keep it away from him. The problem occurs when Gustafaux staggers backward towards the railing. "No!" Michael cries, seeing what's about to happen. He lunges forward, but it's too late; he's still repeating, "No! No! No!" right up until Gustafaux hits the pavement several stories below. Michael needs a moment; he's looking down at a dead dude, wearing a bloody shirt, and holding two sharp knives in his hands. And when he turns around to look at the manila folder Gustafaux dropped, he sees the pages blowing away. Blank pages. Michael returns to Fi's car, empty-handed and with another ruined shirt. "He didn't want to make friends," Michael understates as the Saab pulls away. Oh, and way to let Michael down, subtitles.

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Burn Notice




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