Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

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Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Hank is dropping Mia off at home. His Porsche looks dirty. Hank asks what she was thinking. He says she wasn't in trouble. Mia says she was bored. Hank says she cried wolf. She says she just wanted to see Hank and that he enjoys their banter. Hank says that what he was enjoying was time with his Exy and kid. Mia reminds him that Bill is marrying Exy. She says she wants to see Bill happy and that Karen makes him happy. "Captain Fantastic!" Hank exclaims. Mia says the real question is whether Putzy Bill makes Karen happy. Hank tells Mia to fuck off. Mia asks him for a guess. Hank says he doesn't know. She tries to kiss Hank on the cheek and thanks him for the ride. She gets out of the car, finally. Hank goes up to the door. Exy answers. She asks about Uncle Charlie. Hank ignores the question and asks about Becca. She's out celebrating with her bandmates. He says he'll call her first thing in the morning. Hank and Exy go on and on about how great Becca was and how they made her. It's cute. Smiles all around. Hank apologizes and says good night. Exy asks if he wants to come in for a drink. He runs inside.

Charlie at home, in bed. Marcy asks if Dani mentioned anything about their little afternoon session. Charlie says no. Charlie says he doesn't talk about his love life with his employee. Charlie finds a clever way to bring up her slave remark and how it got him thinking about role-playing. He brings up the word "bondage" and says he's just trying to mix things up like she did earlier. Marcy, not too enthusiastically, asks if he wants her to beat the crap out of him. "Uh...if you...if you want, I guess," he says. Or he could beat her up, he says. Er, bad idea. He says nobody has to be beaten up. He explains the master/slave relationship. It's pretty much what you'd expect. She asks what he wants her to do. He busts out with candle wax on the nipples and teasing and she's pretty freaked out. He says he could bring her to the edge of orgasm and then stop. She says he already does that. He says he could pee on her. "Why would I want you to pee on me?" she asks. Maybe you got stung by a jellyfish? She says she's in. "Start doing some shit to me and we'll see how it goes," she says. Sort of...not the point. Marcy gets into doggie position and Charlie gets behind her. He suggests they set a safe word. "How about 'don't pee on me?'" she says. Good one! Charlie spanks her, hard. "Ow! Goddamit it!" she screams. Charlie apologizes. That really hurts. Party over. So I guess paddles are out of the question?

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