Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

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Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Exy's house. Exy and Hank are lounging by the pool, drinking. She asks what Hank would do if their "little spawn" became a real rock star. Hank says he'd be proud and would be there to pump her stomach when she ODd. Exy asks if Becca may have ever smoked pot "successfully." Hank says Becca told him that she saw Bill and Exy smoke it and it freaked her out so much she swore never to smoke. Exy laughs as she says that Bill saw a spider. Hank calls him a pansy. He asks if Exy is happy. "Whaaa?" she asks. She says she doesn't know what that means. Hank asks if Bill makes her happy. She says yes. "Bullshit! No! No, no!" They laugh. Hank asks if it's the way he made her happy. She says Hank made her insane. But happy? She says once upon a time he did, but then he made her crazy. She says she evolved. Hank asks if she outgrew him. Pretty much. Hank is a little annoyed.

Exy asks Hank to sum up their 10 years. He says they loved each other too much. He says they got it right the same time and that put too much pressure on things, so they buckled. Hank says the thing he misses most, besides Becca, is Exy's smell. "That's it?" she asks. He says when she left, he didn't want to wash the sheets. You know what sucks? Breaking up with someone and then you find one of their long hairs like a month later. Fucking ouch. Hank says it fucked him up because he'd wake up and smell her and think she was there. He says his heart would break again every time. He says that's why he goes in for the kiss all the time. To smell her. She asks if he's washed those sheets. Hank says he threw them away. He says a cute Starbucks barista had her period all over them. Exy laughs. Hank asks why they can't be together if he can make her laugh like that. Because you're both drunk right now? Exy thinks that Hank thinks he wants to be with her but that if she gave herself to him, he'd run for the hills. She says he's not in love with her. "You're in love with the idea...the idea of love." Exy says she's going to get some coffee. Hank asks how she can be so beautiful and so wrong. He kisses her, for real this time. Emo love music plays. Exy kisses him back. They break the kiss. She smiles and says he's running for the hills. She pushes him playfully, and he loses his balance and falls in the pool. Exy says she's sorry.

We cut to a bedroom. Hank falls on a bed with his shirt off. Exy, wearing a gauzy white nightgown, gets onto the bed and straddles Hank. The camera pivots around them. She kisses him. She raises her head and it's Mia. Then he's awake, and it really is Mia on top of him. She says it's just a kiss and it's not like she blew him. Hank is understandably jarred. Mia hands him some papers and says she wrote something. She wants a critique. "Now!?" Hank asks. She asks what happened last night. She asks if her father has anything to worry about. Hank tells her to get off. Exy calls for Mia, then comes in. Hank forcibly throws Mia off the bed, and she lands hard. Exy asks if he's seen Mia. He makes some funny noises, then says no. He puts a fist to his hip to block the view a bit. Exy says, "About last night..." Hank doesn't want to talk about it, which surprises her. Hank says it's a little raw and too soon. She asks if he's all right. She goes to take his temperature, and Hank falls forward on the bed. She offers to get him some Advil. On the floor, crawling? Exy goes to make coffee. Loudly, Mia pops up and asks about last night again. How did Exy not hear that? Hank pushes her away again.

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