Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

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Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Wearing one of Bill's salmon Polo shirts, Hank lurches down the stairs. "Oh my God! You look so lame," Beccabot says. We can't all be young and punk, Becca. Hank says that's what he's going for. Hank sits at the table with Mia, Becca, and Exy. Exy pours him coffee. Mia offers him the Times. "Boo-ya!" he says. Exy seems overexcited. They all smile. Exy goes to get the phone. "Pop-Tarts?" Hank asks incredulously. Hank mumbles with food in his mouth. Exy talks to Bill on the phone. He offers to take the phone. Exy refuses. Hank excuses himself. He tells Beccabot he'll call her later. He gives Mia a little high-five. On his way out, he takes Exy's hand and inhales of it. Exy watches him go, a little sadly.

Hank is at his black Macbook. "Don't Let Us Get Sick," as played by some band not fronted by Beccabot 3000, begins to play. Hank takes out the folded set of papers from his pocket. Mia's voice reads a story about a whiskey-soaked writer who sounds a lot like Hank. She says the writer was going to rant about how everything was so much cooler when he was young. The worst part is the girl in the story agrees with him. There's a knock at the door. Hank answers it. It's FHM, holding Hank's guitar. She says she felt bad. She doesn't look so great by the light of day. She's got his albums, too. She says he was so nice to her (without even knowing her name!) and that she took advantage. Er, yeah. Go ahead and look at it that way. Another win for Pussyman! She asks if he wants to get high and listen to some records. She's gonna tell him her name, but he stops her. Mia reads some more from her story about fucking each other just to feel something as we stumble toward the end of days. Hank kisses FHM in the doorway and pulls her inside the house. He shuts the door closed with his foot. They kiss roughly against the bookshelves. He carries her to the bedroom. The end.

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