Hell-A Woman

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Hell-A Woman

Becca's room. She has a lot of stuff. She has a poster of the movie adaptation. Hank says the movie has nothing to do with his novel. Becca, who has read the book, says she thinks it does. Becca wishes they'd get back together and move back to New York. Hank hugs her. She asks if he's all right. Nope. Not really. He says he's working on it. She asks for a dog. They laugh.

Hallway. Hank and Blind Date run into each other. He apologizes for being a dick earlier. She asks if he wants to go get fucked up. Do Scientologists do that? She and Hank go smoke some pot together. She asks for a favor. She disrobes completely and asks what he thinks. He has a hand held up that covers her lower-parts. She says she's fortysomething and wants an honest opinion about her body. He says her breasts are obviously real and she has an abundance of pubic hair, which is nice. He jokes about the Scientology, but says she may be the most beautiful woman he's seen in a long time. She thanks him. She asks for another favor. She asks him to fuck her silly. He does.

Charlie's wife, Marcy, asks about Exy's bush. She hasn't been in for a waxing appointment in a while and must look like Art Garfunkel down there. So much pubis in this episode. I guess Marcy was her personal pube-groomer. Exy says she's really happy, even with her bush. Marcy inquires about Exy's seriousness about Bill. "What about Hank?" Marcy asks. Exy says Hank's been trying to get his shit together since they met. Marcy asks about the sex with Bill. Exy says it's different. She doesn't elaborate, which I attribute to the writers not knowing how it might be different yet still good as opposed to putting in another scene of some young actress showing her titties.

We pan to Hank fucking Blind Date from behind. His shirt is still on, but we saw a little of his ass. He jokes that he doesn't think Tom and Katie would approve. She asks him to shut up and fuck her already. He asks if she's clear yet. He says she's one freaky Thetan. Passionless banging. She throws her ass back a little too hard and Hank goes flying back. His head is bleeding. He falls. He throws up on the piece of art Bill had shown him earlier. Exy walks in on mostly-naked Hank holding the vomit-art and Blind Date in bed naked. Well, she did kind of set them up for something like this. Bill, Charlie, and Marcy all show up in the doorway. "My painting!" Bill says. You fucking putz. Hank says it's all good. All except for this show. Blind Date projectile vomits. "It's all good!" Hank repeats. Hank and Blind Date laugh. Nobody else does. Not even the viewers.

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