Hell-A Woman

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Omar G: C- | 4 USERS: A+
Hell-A Woman

Outside, Hank runs into Mia on his way out. "You look like ass!" she tells him. "Did we just have sex?" Ha. Hank asks what she wants. She asks if it isn't obvious. Hank tells her that what happened before will never happen again. He says it's sick and wrong. She says there's nothing wrong with fucking and punching among consenting adults. He says she's not. She offers to use her vibrator while reading his blog. Dirty! She thought it was cool that she fucked that guy. She says it must be weird working for someone he hates. He doesn't know what she's talking about. Mia reveals that her dad, Bill the putz, owns Hell-A magazine. She goes inside while Hank lights up a cigarette and looks lost in the street.

He drives away and looks all sad. He has another daydream of Exy sitting next to him in the car. A plane flies overhead. We fade to black as Hank sits alone in his Porsche.

Next week: Bill the putz grows some balls.

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