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Hank at Exy's. She's on her computer outside and catches him sneaking around. She thinks it was cool that he went to Mia's school. He asks that they never send Becca to school there. "How's my girl?" Hank asks. Exy talks about her work and Hank corrects her, saying he was asking about Becca. Exy's a little embarrassed. Exy tells Hank about the crush on the guitar teacher. Hank asks if Exy likes him, too. She admits that Dave is pretty fucking hot. Hank asks if he can take Becca out for ice cream. Exy says she's asleep. Hank asks if, in their past life, he made her feel stupid or was mean. She says he wasn't mean. She says he can be pretty hard on people. Hank wishes it were different. She says it's not. She asks about Meredith. Hank says she's pissed at him. Exy asks if he's wearing Bill's jacket. Hank says it's a long story, but he's gotta go. Later!

Sad song montage. Hank is trying to write on his black Macbook. (Exy has a white one, by the way.) He takes a drink. At Charlie and Marcy's house, they're in bed, not having sex. Exy looks out and sees Mia being picked up for a date by Dave. They kiss. Becca sees this, too. Hank isn't writing.

Next morning. Hank is conked out on the bed. Meredith is packing her stuff. Hank mutters that it's not fair to say "BRB" and then not "BRB." He tells her to come here. Meredith says she needed her black skirt. She takes out a key to give back to Hank. He moans about her blowing this whole thing over a cyberspace language issue. She says all they do is drink, fuck and watch old movies at Hank's place. He says that's awesome. Meredith doesn't really think so. She thinks he was already looking for an excuse to bail. She says her married friend left his wife. She thanks Hank. She says he rattled the dude's cage. Hank says, "Glad to be of service, m'lady." He looks hurt. He says he feels used. They walk to the kitchen. Hank says she's just going into another dysfunctional relationship. He makes fun of the mediocre white guy. Meredith thinks this is rich coming from a guy who's in love with his "Ex...whatever." "At least she's cool," Hank says. She asks if he's four. Meredith says that in this lifetime, they just missed being a scorching couple. He says he brought her to "fruition" thirty-three times. Hank wishes her good luck, sarcastically. He says that when Married Guy goes back to his wife, she'll know where to find him. She says it'll be face-down in a puddle of his own sick, not writing. "LOL," Hank tells her. They kiss and say goodbye. Then they kiss some more. Hank goes for thirty-four.

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